DriveNow in Copenhagen

DriveNow in Copenhagen

With DriveNow, you get easy and cheap transportation from A to B. Use the DriveNow app to find, reserve and open the car. Drive to wherever you want and end your trip within our DriveNow Zone. With our packages, you can drive from as low as DKK 1.50/min to DKK 4/min. Happy driving!

What's the price?

The registration fee is DKK 89. After registration, you are free to choose the option that fits exactly your driving needs at between DKK 1.50 and DKK 4.00 per minute.

You have several options on how to use DriveNow:

  • the Hourly packages - perfect for shopping trips or a day out. Book a car for 3, 6, or 24 hours1.
  • prepaid minutes - a fixed number of minutes at a consistently low price.
  • the Savings Package - get in and drive from as low as DKK 1.50/min2. Recommended for daily drivers!
  • earn bonus minutes when you connect the car to a charging station - and drive even more!

Payment only starts after you have entered the PIN in the car.

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DriveNow in Copenhagen
DriveNow is perfect for you if you want to be mobile in Copenhagen, with no strings attached. Simply register, download the app – and set off!

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

1 DKK 2 for each additional kilometre. Additionally, if you drive longer than the time in an hourly package the regular price per minute will be charged accordingly. 

The minutes in the Savings Package are valid for 30 days from the time of purchase and renews automatically after 30 days (unless cancelled before the end of the 30-day period). The customers debit card will be charged automatically. Customers will not be reimbursed for any minutes not used within the 30-day period and customers cannot transfer any unused minutes to a new Savings Package or other subsequent usage periods. Once the Savings Package minutes have been used in the 30-day period, the price per minute will be updated to the normal price per minute. If bonus minutes are available, these will not be used until the Savings Package has been used up. The Savings Package is activated by clicking ‘Book Now’ and is available for immediate use. The Savings Package can be unsubscribed in the Customer Area on our website at any time.