DriveNow in Copenhagen

DriveNow in Copenhagen

With DriveNow cars, you get easy and cheap transportation from A to B. Use the app to find, reserve and open the car. Drive where you want, and end the rental the business area. You only pay for the minutes where you use the car. 

Whats the price?

The registration fee is DKK 89. Hereafter, you only pay for the minutes you use the car, to a price between DKK 2.00 and DKK 4,00 per minute.

You can purchase:

  • hourly packages, where the car is yours for 3 or 6 hours
  • prepaid minutes, where you get a consitent, low price
  • earn free minutes, when you connect the car to a charging station

Payment only starts when you are logged in.

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DriveNow in Copenhagen
DriveNow is perfect for you if you want to be mobile in Copenhagen, with no strings attached. Simply register, download the app – and set off!