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Car Sharing in Milan

Ciao and benvenuto to DriveNow car sharing Milan! DriveNow car sharing in Milan gets you quickly, cheaply and easily from A to B, giving you full flexibility. 500 BMWs and MINIs are waiting for you!

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Rent a car from DriveNow car sharing in Milan exactly when you need one. Choose your favourite car from seven of the very latest BMW and MINI models and jump in! At the end of your journey, simply leave the car wherever you want within the business area.

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500 BMWs and MINIs ensure greater fun driving around Milan

Ravishingly beautiful and right up to date – our cars will get you around Milan in style! DriveNow car sharing in Milan has 500 BMWs and MINIs available, 24 hours a day. Decide which car you want to drive today!


Hi, I'm Katrina.
I'm a BMW i3 REx.

  • With range assistant and extender
  • Simple loading
  • Parking assistant


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Hi, I'm Audrey.
I'm a BMW 1 Series.

  • Up to 1200-litre boot capacity
  • Perfect for family trips and excursions
  • Child's booster seat (in boot)

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Hi, I'm Marcus.
I'm a BMW Active Tourer.

  • Room for everything. Spacious and functional
  • 50 cars already equipped with baby seat (9-36 kg)
  • Up to 1,500-litre boot capacity

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Hi, I'm Coraline.
I'm a BMW Convertible.

  • Roof opens in 20 seconds
  • Perfect for last-minute trips out!
  • Child's booster seat (in boot)

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Hi, I'm Angelika.
I'm a MINI Clubman.

  • A unique, exclusive design
  • Clubman split door for convenient loading and unloading
  • Up to 1,250-litre boot capacity

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Hi, I'm Charlotte.
I'm a MINI 5-door.

  • The ultimate MINI feeling
  • 30% more boot space
  • New design and lighting concept

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Hi, I'm Vladimir.
I'm a MINI Convertible.

  • Feel the thrill of wind in your hair
  • Roof opens in 18 seconds
  • Your holiday feeling starts on the way to the airport

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Take advantage of DriveNow's flexible rates 31ct/min*

Driving in Milan has never been so much fun! The DriveNow rate of 31 cents per minute* lets you stay fully flexible. Refuelling and charging, parking, car tax and insurance are all included at DriveNow.

Our pricing is 100% transparent: We guarantee that we don't charge any further annual or monthly fees.

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DriveNow car sharing is the perfect solution if you want to be mobile in Milan, with no strings attached. Simply register, download the app – and set off! Try out DriveNow today and see for yourself!

* the price per minute included in the DriveNow rate varies depending on model, rental date and time of day.