Car Sharing in Cologne

Tach! You love driving a car, but want to remain flexible, no strings attached? Welcome to DriveNow car sharing in Cologne! We get you where you want to, cheaply and comfortably. We even have special arrangements for Düsseldorf, allowing you to drop of your car there!

You can choose your favourite from among our eleven very latest BMW and MINI models.

400 BMWs and MINIs in Cologne

Et kütt wie et kütt*, as they say in Rheinland? Not with DriveNow! With DriveNow car sharing, there are around 400 of the latest BMW and MINI models waiting for you within Cologne's DriveNow Zone.

Do you want to go shopping, quickly visit a friend, or are you planning a family day out? We've got compact runabouts, stylish models with loads of space, and electric cars like the BMW i3, depending on what you need. In other words, everything your heart desires!


Hi, I'm Leonardo.
I'm a BMW i3.

  • 36ct per minute
  • 100% emission-free
  • Range assistant and parking assistant

Read more about the BMW i3

Benefit from flexible rates with DriveNow car sharing in Cologne

Driving in Cologne has never been so much fun! The DriveNow rate of 33 cents/min1 lets you get around flexibly, with absolutely no strings attached. Everything you need is included in the rate: fuel costs, car park tickets, insurance and car tax. There aren't any ongoing annual or monthly fees on top of our rates, either.

DriveNow Zone and parking regulations

  • The DriveNow Zone in Cologne comprises the greater inner city area within and around the Militärring. It also includes parts of Mülheim, Rodenkirchen, Porz and Marsdorf, as well as Cologne-Bonn Airport. There are two different types of DriveNow Zones in Cologne, learn about them here. Discover where to park in Porz as well as how to earn bonus minutes driving into Cologne.
  • Within the blue line - Area where cars can be found and parked.
    Turquoise – DriveNow Zone where you can park the car, but additional fees may apply.
    Red – Not allowed to end rental
    (Bonus minutes can be earned in some cases from driving a car from the blue area and parking it within the blue line. This is only available for selected vehicles, the cars are displayed with a percentage sign in the app if they are eligible to recieve bonus minutes.  Airport Excluded)

DriveNow at Cologne and Düsseldorf airports ✈
You're always flexible with DriveNow car sharing. Do you need to a quick way to Cologne or Düsseldorf Airport? Or do you want to get home again quickly at the end of your trip? No problem! Just use our Drive'n'Fly rate! Grab yourself a car, jump in, set off and enjoy the peace and comfort of your journey. The DriveNow parking spaces at Cologne-Bonn Airport are located in the carsharing parking area in Parkhaus 2 on level 3. A service fee of €4 applies when you rent or drop off a car here. As a customer of DriveNow car sharing in Cologne, you are also allowed to drop off your car at Düsseldorf Airport, or rent a car from here to drive home. A service fee of €12 applies.

Our Experience Packages for Cologne

You can benefit twice as much with DriveNow car sharing: Our Experience Packages allow you to enjoy driving around, remain flexible and also benefit from special rates with our partners. For further details, simply click on the package you're interested in!

REWE Package – save 5% and receive up to 30 bonus parking minutes

Tired of lugging your grocery shopping back home? Our REWE Package not only lets you take your shopping back home – anywhere within the DriveNow Zone – but it saves you money, too! You can enjoy a 5% discount and 30 parking minutes free of charge for shopping at REWE7.

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