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Sustainable driving in Copenhagen

We want to make it easier for you to drive sustainable! We, therefore, introduce a new and improved version of our electric car - the new BMW i3 120Ah. The new electric car has a bigger and better battery and can go even further on a fully charged battery. On top of that, it charges twice as fast as the BMW i3. The cars will be in-fleeted over the next few months and eventually replace our traditional electric cars.

So whether you need to go far or not, you can take a DriveNow car and still drive sustainable. Find our new electric car in the app and drive at a fixed low price - as usual. It's as simple as that.

Pricing & Packages

With DriveNow, you get easy and cheap transportation from A to B. Use our app to find, reserve, unlock and lock the cars and drive to wherever you want. To join DriveNow, you pay a one-time fee of DKK 89. When you join, you get 30 bonus minutes to get you started on your first trip.

We offer various products that fit exactly your driving needs between DKK 1.50 and DKK 4.00 per minute.

Pay per minute
Use the DriveNow cars whenever the need occurs. Find a car marked with the Drive’n Save icon in the app and drive at an even lower price per minute.

Hourly Packages
You have the car at your disposal for a fixed number of hours. Perfect for longer trips.

Prepaid minutes
Buy a fixed number of minutes at a consistently low price.

Savings Package
The perfect fit for the daily driver and regular users.

Read more about Pricing & Packages

Do you want to know more about how to use DriveNow? Find an easy introduction on our How it works page.


The latest BMW and MINI cars are waiting for you!

We've got compact models, stylish cars with loads of space, and electric vehicles like the BMW i3. In other words - we've got the car for you!

Hi, I’m Caroline - a BMW i3

  • 100% electric
  • Perfect for driving in the city
  • Amazing driving experience and easy to charge

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BMW i3 + BMW i3 120Ah
BMW 1 Series
MINI Cooper 5-door
MINI Cooper 3-door
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