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SHARE NOW Car Sharing in Milan

We are excited to announce that DriveNow is now part of SHARE NOW, which is the car sharing area of the new mobility joint-venture of the BMW Group and Daimler AG. Making us the globally leading free-floating car sharing provider.

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Rent a car from DriveNow car sharing in Milan exactly when you need one. Choose your favourite car from eight of the very latest BMW and MINI models and jump in! At the end of your journey, simply leave the car wherever you want within the DriveNow Zone.

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500 BMW and MINI ensure greater fun driving around Milan

Ravishingly beautiful and right up to date – our cars will get you around Milan in style! DriveNow car sharing in Milan has 500 BMW and MINI available, 24 hours a day. Decide which car you want to drive today!

Hi, I'm Katrina.
I'm a BMW i3 REx.

  • With range assistant and extender
  • Simple loading
  • Parking assistant

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MINI Clubman
MINI 5-door
MINI Convertible
MINI 3-door
BMW i3 REx
BMW 1 Series
BMW Active Tourer
BMW Convertible
MINI Clubman

Take advantage of DriveNow's flexible rates 31ct/min*

Driving in Milan has never been so much fun! The DriveNow rate of 31 cents per minute* lets you stay fully flexible. Refuelling and charging, parking, car tax and insurance are all included at DriveNow.

Our pricing is 100% transparent: We guarantee that we don't charge any further annual or monthly fees.

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DriveNow Milan Airports

DriveNow makes it easy to get to and from all Milan Airports learn how to get to the airport and where you will be able to end your rental here. 

DriveNow Milan Linate Airport

DriveNow Milan Malpensa Airport

All prices are inclusive of value-added tax.

1  In the DriveNow rate, the price per minute (parking and reservation) might vary according to model and time of day.

2  Each rental transaction includes 200 km, and each additional kilometre costs 31 cents.

3  31 cents for each additional kilometre, 31 ct/min / 34 ct/min for each additional minute.

4  For hourly packages the pre-authorized amount will be equivalent to the hourly package cost.

5 When you book online for a Savings Package with 60, 125, 240 or 500 minutes you can drive any and all DriveNow cars for the same flat-rate price. All Savings Packages have a 30-day period of use from the time they are activated. The Savings Package price is a flat-rate price for 30 days which covers use of the minutes in the Savings Package, up to a maximum of the number of minutes purchased, within the 30 days. There is no refund on minutes not used within the 30-day period and unused minutes cannot be carried forward to a new Savings Package or other subsequent periods of usage. The normal DriveNow rate applies once the Savings Package minutes have been used up within the 30-day period. Only one Savings Package can be used at any one time. Parking minutes are not included in the Savings Packages and are charged separately in accordance with the price list. If there are bonus minutes available in an account, these are brought into use again only once the Savings Package has been used up. If an hour-based package is purchased at the start of the journey, the minutes in the Savings Package are brought into use again only once the hour-based package has ended. The Savings Package is activated when it is selected in the customer area on the DriveNow website. Clicking the "Buy now" button activates the chosen Savings Package, which is then immediately available. If a Savings Package is already active the new package is not available until immediately after the 30-day validity period of the active Savings Package has expired. The Savings Package agreement is limited to the 30-day period. The Savings Package is renewed automatically with a follow-up Savings Package with a 30-day validity period unless it is cancelled by either party (online cancellation (see FAQs) suffices) before the 30-day period of use has expired. Upon renewal, the new minutes in the renewed Savings Package are available to the customer from the first day of the new period. The payment due from the Customer for this is as per the price list. If a distance of 200 km is exceeded in an individual rental agreement, an additional 29 cents/km are charged starting from the 201st kilometre, even if Savings Packages are being used. Savings Packages are bookable and usable only in the DriveNow home country.