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DriveNow Stockholm

Shutting Down Operations Oct 31st 2018

We want to say: Thank you!


Thank you for 3 amazing years of DriveNow in Stockholm and being one of DriveNow's car sharing pioneers. The time has almost come to an end. We are very sad to close DriveNow in Stockholm at the end of this month on October 31st. Unfortunately, the demand for using DriveNow did not meet expectations. As well as, increasing operating costs, such as congestion tax and parking fees made it more difficult to reach the goals that were set and required to keep DriveNow in Stockholm.

Together we experienced a lot! In Autumn 2015 we launched in Stockholm with a fleet of 250 cars and 4 models. Since then…

  • we infleeted the innovative BMWi3 and sporty BMW 2 Convertible in Spring 2016,
  • with the i3s we saved together with all DriveNow members over 2,500 tons CO2 emissions, which is the amount 15,600 trees can absorb on average,
  • we nearly spent 305.000 hours together on Sweden's streets and...
  • we drove over 6.500.000 km in total.

We are very proud of your achievements we made together with DriveNow as car sharing pioneers!
A lot of customers contacted us after announcing the closing and we have good news for you: you can still use our services.

What's next?

With your account, you can still use DriveNow in all the other 12 DriveNow cities like Copenhagen, Berlin and Munich.

To ensure that you can continue to use our service, starting from 1st November you will become a customer of the DriveNow GmbH & Co. KG. However, you can log into the app or visit the website/  customer area with your username and password as usual. You can disagree by sending an e-mail until 28.10.2018 to .

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us ( You can find further information here .

We want to thank all of our loyal customers for being with us for 3 years and for integrating our unique service in your daily lives. We have enjoyed being part of your lives as well, whether it was taking DriveNow to the airport, taking a day trip, etc.