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Munich Public Transportation

Munich offers a wide range of public transportation services to make it simple to get around the city with ease. The city transportation network or called MVG (Munich Transport Company) transports over 700 million passengers a year and is one of the best developed public transportation systems in Germany. With the MVG tickets you will be able to use almost all of the public transportation services in Munich.


Getting from A to B In Munich

There are several different transportation solutions in Munich trams, subways, buses, railways, car sharing and several other ways to get around. With the MVG you will be able to reach every part of the city quickly and easily at an affordable price. MVG has also joined with DriveNow free floating car sharing to make it easy to get around the city with one way car rentals. In Munich the transportation options are limitless including: MVG Public Transportation Services

Subway or Underground is known as U-Bahn

You will easily to be able to find U-bahns around the city center of Munich, just follow the big blue U signs to know that is a subway station. The subway network operated by the Munich Transport Company (MVG) comprises 8 lines (U1 to U8) serving the impressive number of 96 stations. As a rule, the individual lines run at intervals of approximately 10 minutes


Railway or Train is known as S- Bahn

The Deutsche Bahn operates S-Bahn lines (S1 to S8) form the third largest S-Bahn network in Germany. From the central “Stammstrecke”(Hauptbahnhof - Ostbahnhof), the lines lead out of the city in a star shape and serve mainly as a commuter connection for the surrounding communities (such as Erding). The lines S1 and S8 also serve as a transportation for Munich Airport.


The bus network is operated by MVG and connects several subway stations with more rural areas of the city. The buses are split into two different numbers double digit bus numbers that connect the entire city and triple digit bus numbers that only go through a certain area of the city. There are also night buses that run in Munich to help you get around the clock. For all buses you will be able to buy your bus ticket on a machine on the bus.


In Munich there are 13 different tram lines, which will transport you around the city centre. It is a great way to get around the city and see the sights. On Trams there is a machine where you will be able to buy tickets.


Explore Munich with DriveNow

We offer a fleet of BMW & MINI models to get around Munich easily and affordably. Our car sharing service is called free floating where you will be able to reserve a car in one part of the city and park it in another. This type of public transportation is a comfortable way to get around the city at your own speed. It is also possible to rent a DriveNow in the MVG app. Learn more about DriveNow here or register online  today!

For MVG IsarCard Subsribers

If you have a IsarCard you will be able to register for free with DriveNow and receive 30 free driving minutes. Learn more about the MVG IsarCard offer here

For MVG Customers

For all MVG customers we also offer a discounted registration for only 9,98€ (Standard price 29€). As well as 15 free driving minutes to get you on the road. Learn more about the MVG customer offer here.

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