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Cologne Public Transportation

The public transport network in Cologne makes it simple to discover everything the city has to offer! It has a well-connected bus and tram network operated by KVB (the Cologne public transport association) which operates late into the evening. Around 800,000 passengers travel with the KVB every day, which makes it one of Germany´s most-used city transport systems.

There are also lots of ticketing options, including the Köln WelcomeCard which is great for tourists who want to see everything–it gives visitors unlimited public transport for 24 hours.


Getting from A to B in Cologne

Getting around Cologne with the bus, tram, or car sharing is really easy. The KVB covers most of the city and many of the lines operate until 3am, so you don´t have to go home early. DriveNow also offers a one-way car sharing system which means you can get anywhere and everywhere in Cologne! Other options for public transportation include:

Stadtbahn, the Tram and Underground System

Cologne has a light rail system that runs both overground and underground, making it the perfect combination of a tram and subway system. Tickets for this system can be bought for one day, three days, or a single journey, with the option of a cheaper Kurzstrecke ticket for a journey of four or less stops. The 16 and 18 lines run between Cologne and neighbouring Bonn and are operated jointly by the two cities, giving tourists access to the whole region quickly and easily.


S-Bahn, the Railway or Train System

Cologne also offers the opportunities to travel on the S-Bahn, which is operated by Deutsche Bahn. These regional trains also operate between Cologne and Bonn, but also further afield, which gives you the opportunity to see everything in the area! Tickets for these trains must be bought at the station as there are no machines on board.


The buses in Cologne are a great option for those who want to explore areas of Cologne outside of the centre. A zone 1b ticket is valid for any bus or tram within the city limits, and it is easy to get to Bonn using a 2b CityPlusTicket! There are 76 bus lines in the city numbered between 120 and 196, each of which runs every ten minutes until the late evening. After midnight, the buses usually run every 20-30 minutes, which means you can stay out late without having to worry about getting home.


Explore Cologne with DriveNow

We offer a fleet of BMW & MINI models to get around Cologne easily and affordably. Our car sharing service is called free floating: You will be able to reserve a car in one part of the city and park it in another. This type of public transportation is a comfortable way to get around the city at your own speed. Learn more about DriveNow here or register online today!

The best thing about Cologne is how easy it is to get around the city. Using the public transport system combined with the great options for car sharing, every part of the city is within reach, meaning you don’t have to miss out! You can easily drive to some of Cologne´s best bars and get a night bus home, or even go between Cologne and Bonn in the same day.

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