DriveNow Car Sharing in Germany

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In our five DriveNow cities in Germany, over 3,000 brand-new models from BMW and MINI are available for you around the clock, and ready to take you quickly and inexpensively from A to B.

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With DriveNow Carsharing, you simply rent a car when and where you need it. Drive all around your city to wherever you need to get to, and then simply park the car anywhere you want within our business area. Sounds good? Register an account online today and download the app!

Thousands of DriveNow cars for more fun at the wheel

DriveNow Carsharing always gives you the right car for the right occasion! Over 3,000 BMW and MINI vehicles are available for you around the clock in our business areas in Germany. You only have to decide on the car you want just before you need it!

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Enjoy the flexible DriveNow rates

Driving in Germany just got a lot more interesting: stay free and flexible with the DriveNow rate of just 31 ct/min. At DriveNow, all prices include fuel/charging, parking, car tax and insurance. And there are no monthly subscription fees, either. Find out more about the DriveNow rates and our attractive Savings Packages!

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Love at first sight(-seeing)
Whether you’re living in Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf or Cologne: DriveNow car sharing Germany is just right for you if you want to get mobile while also staying independent. Just register, download the app – and get mobile today.

* DriveNow rates are priced per minute according to model, rental period and time of day.