Save money with DriveNow car sharing


The DriveNow Overnight Special lets you leave your BMW or MINI in parking mode from Sunday-Thursday 21.00-06.00 free of charge – ready to set off again early in the morning. This offer is also valid outside the DriveNow Zone.  
Refer a friend: Why not send your friends a personal registration code via email, WhatsApp, Facebook or other messaging app? When they register at DriveNow, we waive the 290 kr registration fee and give them 20 bonus minutes to try our service.You'll receive 30 minutes for the first friend you refer, 45 minutes for the second, and 60 minutes for the third or more. The bonus minutes will be credited to your account once your friends have registered and their account has been activated.

Want to get your hands on more bonus minutes? You can do! We think it's great when our cars are fully fuelled/charged at the start of a rental and like to say thank you when you help us out! Find out everything you need to know under the Refuelling and charging section.  

The special Drive’n'Save rate is available in all Stockholm. Selected vehicles are available at this special rate, which can be rented at a discounted rate of 3 kr per minute. These cars can be recognised by the percentage symbol that appears on the car icon in the app. 

Please note that discounted rates only apply to pre-reserved cars and can not be used with any other offer. If you have bonus minutes on your account, Drive'n'Save only applies when these have been used up.

*You can't receive bonus minutes while using DriveNow abroad.