DriveNow carsharing

Parking guidelines for the DriveNow Zone Stockholm - The parking space must be covered by EasyPark and valid for 24 hours

  • Park & Keep
  • End rental
  • Parking on the street

  • Park & Keep
  • End rental
  • Parking houses
    Parking behind barriers
    Q-Park parkingspots

  • Park & KeepEasyPark locations included inside of DriveNow Zone. Outside of DriveNow Zone and all other spots at own expense.
  • End rental
  • Handicapped Taxi
    Zone Sign with Beskickningsbilar
    Restricted Parking

  • Park & Keep
  • End rental
  • Arlanda Airport (P45, Row 122) > Learn more
    NK Garage (Parkaden level 6) > Learn more
    IKEA Kungens Kurva parking area  (see map in the DriveNow app)

  • Park & Keep
  • End rental

  • carsharing_stockholm_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_P 9-17
  • carsharing_stockholm_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_P 0-18
  • carsharing_stockholm_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_Lastplats
  • carsharing_stockholm_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_Parkverbot
    Parking forbidden
  • carsharing_stockholm_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_Komplettes parkverbot
    Stopping forbidden
  • carsharing_stockholm_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_überholen
    You are not allow to park 10 meters before a crossing or transition point.
  • carsharing_stockholm_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_Parkingverbot2
    Be aware of cleaning street regulations. Every street has a cleaning day. To make sure to not get any fines you need to end your rental at least 24 hours before a cleaning street occur.

Important: You can not end your rental outside the DriveNow Zone. It's important to end your rental on a legal parking space where you don't get a fine within 24 hoursPlease respect local parking rules of Stockholm.