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DriveNow prices at a glance

With DriveNow Carsharing you get the perfect car exactly when you want it – and you still stay completely flexible! Find out all about our prices for driving BMW and MINI, the DriveNow packages and additional fees such as our Drive ’n’ Fly rate.

All-inclusive: peace of mind for you and your wallet

Enjoy the advantages of your DriveNow Carsharing membership: you have no running costs for car insurance, car tax, etc., etc., you can refuel or recharge your vehicle when you need to at no extra charge and you can leave the car free of charge in our business area as long as you park on a EasyPark spot.

No running costs
Refuel and recharge at no charge
No parking tickets
Insurance and car tax included

Standard fees

  • Registration

    Standard registration fee

    290 kr


    MINI rental

    4,80 kr/min1

    BMW 1 Series rental


    BMW i3

    5kr /min1

    BMW X1
    5,50 kr/min1
    BMW Convertible rental
    1 April-31 October
    5kr /min1
    BMW Convertible rental
    1 Novermber-31 March
    4,80kr /min1

    Drive’n Save
    Subject to availability and valid only for reserved vehicles


    Collision Damage Waiver

    3500kr excess
    Comprehensive cover3incl. theft cover

    15 kr per rental2

  • Parking fees

    Park & Keep
    Stop off en route without ending the rental

    Same as per min. model rate


    Parking, Sun-Thu 21.00-06.00

    Free of charge

    Reserving a vehicle

    For 15 minutes

    Free of charge

    Extended reservation
    Max. 8 hours

    2,50 kr/min

    Extended reservation
    Sun-Thu 21.00-06.00

    Free of charge

    Additional fees for special destinations

    Arlanda Airport
    (at start/end of rental)

    120 kr

    Ending rental at external business area

    39 kr
    Ending rental when driving between external business area
    0 kr
    Ending rental when driving between internal business area
    0 kr

Rent from just 3,60 kr/min3, valid for 30 days

For everyone who regularly uses DriveNow for longer trips. The Savings Package renews automatically after 30 days if it is not cancelled before the expiry of the 30-day usage period. You cannot use more than one Savings Package at the same time. Simply book your packages on our website.

DriveNow 60

Perfect for occasional drivers taking 2 to 3 trips a month

240 kr

60 minutes for 4 kr/min3

Valid for 30 days

DriveNow 100

Just right for drivers taking 4 to 6 trips a month

390 kr

100 minutes for 3,90 kr/min3

Valid for 30 days

DriveNow 250

Ideal for regular drivers taking 10 to 12 trips a month

950 kr

250 minutes for 3,80 kr/min3

Valid for 30 days

DriveNow 500

The package for frequent drivers taking 20 to 25 trips a month.

1800 kr

500 minutes for 3,60 kr/min3

Valid for 30 days

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Service fees

  • Fees for traffic offences

    Processing of traffic offences


    Reparking of wrongly-parked vehicles


    Towing away by tow company

    As invoiced by tow company

    Processing of towed-away vehicles


    Processing of parking offences


    Special cases – criminal offences 
    Criminal traffic offences


    Unauthorised cross-border trips


    Loss, theft or destruction
    of the DriveNow fuel card


  • Other fees

    Fee for congestion tax 0kr

    Service call-out


    Loss of fuel card/parking card


    Special cleaning
    (e.g. due to heavy soiling or smoking in vehicle)

    According to costs, min. 800kr

    Repairs to vehicle
    (in violation of DriveNow General T&Cs)

    According to costs, min. 500kr

    Blockage of car to recovery lost & found items  100kr 

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

1 Each rental includes 200 km free, extra km are 4 kr/km.
2 Does not apply to existing customers with an annual CDW. Rule for Savings/Prepaid Packages: the 1-euro CDW is already included in the package price for these packages. Customers will therefore not be additionally billed € 1/trip for the CDW for trips that use the package minutes.
3 Limitation of liability that is equivalent to comprehensive car coverage (insurance cover).
For each additional kilometer. Each additional minute 4,8kr/min - 5,50 kr/min depending on vehicle