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Airport Transfers Arlanda Stockholm

Looking to get to or from Arlanda Airport? DriveNow offers a unique affordable way fro airport transfers at Arlanda Airport. Just register with DriveNow and you will get access to hundreds of cars in Stockholm where you will be able to drive yourself to and from Arlanda Airport. No more waiting in line for a taxi or pulling your luggage to the airport. Just walk to the nearest DriveNow to you, place your luggage in the trunk and off you go. DriveNow makes transportation to Arlanda Airport easier then ever. 

How airport transfers work with DriveNow?


Once you have registered and downloaded our app you will be able to drive any of the DriveNow cars in Stockholm when and where you want. Just open the app find the closest car near you and simply reserve the car. You have 15 free minutes to get to the car, once you reached the car you will be able to open the car with the app. Hop in enter your PIN number and start driving to the Arlanda Airport.

For each rental you pay per the minute, for your time of  usage. If you decide to park at the Arlanda Airport a small fee of 100kr will always be charged. But you dont have to worry about the car while you are gone. Just park it and head towards the checkin counters. 

✓  Find it
✓  Drive it
✓  Drop it
✓  Fly

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Stockholm City Centre to/from Arlanda Airport

  • From Stockholm City Centre to Arlanda Airport
    If you are heading to the airport just open the DriveNow app find a car near you and reserve it. Once at the car unlock the vehicle with the app hop in enter your PIN and start heading towards the Arlanda Airport. Once you are getting near Arlanda Airport start looking for signs towards (P45, row 122).parking area.  Then park the car and head your way to your flight worry free. 
  • To Stockholm City Centre from Arlanda Airport
    Once you have safely landed at Arlanda Airport, open up the DriveNow app and reserve the car parked in the  Car Sharing parking area. Follow signs to (P45, row 122) where you will be able to find all of the DriveNow cars parked. Once at the car unlock the car with the app, hop in and head towards Stockholm city centre and park the car anywhere in the DriveNow Zone. 
Directions to Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Arlanda Airport is located 35 kilometers North of Stockholm. You will be able to reach the airport by driving North on the E4 really easy to reach from the city centre. 

DriveNow Car Sharing at Stockholm Airports

DriveNow Fleet in Stockholm

DriveNow makes it easy to drive in style in Stockholm. We offer a wide range of BMW and MINI models, which are equipped with the latest features. All of DriveNow cars come with a GPS and some cars even come with booster seats! See all of the cars we have in our fleet below!

Hi, I'm Audrey.
I'm a BMW 1 Series.

  • Up to 1200-litre boot capacity
  • Perfect for family trips and excursions
  • Enjoy spaciousness and comfort

Read more about the BMW 1 Series

MINI 5-door
BMW 1 Series
MINI Clubman
BMW 2 Series Convertible
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