DriveNow carsharing

How does car sharing work with DriveNow?

DriveNow's smart car sharing concept combines great fun on the road with fantastic flexibility Rent a car, whenever you need one! Choose your favorite from six of the latest models and jump in and out, wherever you want! You can read how simple it is to use DriveNow here!

All you have to do is register: that's how quickly you can be on-board with DriveNow

Flexible driving fun with the BMW or MINI of your choice – how to join us:

Just register online
Register online using our registration form. There is a one-off registration fee of 290 kr.

If you have a Swedish driving license
If you have a Swedish driving license, the whole registration process will be super easy. If you sign up on a week day your customer account to be activated in a few hours. You will be informed by email when this has been done. After that you are ready to drive. Now just download the DriveNow app – and you're good to go.

If you don’t have a Swedish driving license
To finish your registration you just need to upload some pictures to identify yourself. Follow the instructions in the app. As soon as we have verified your uploaded documents, we will activate your customer account and you are ready to go.

Sounds good? Then register online now. Download the app here!

DriveNow App

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Always ready – here's how to reserve your DriveNow car

  • Whether you need a car during the day or at night, DriveNow cars are parked all over the DriveNow Zone – ready for you to jump in and set off! We don't have any official pick-up and drop-off points.

    You can locate your nearest car in a flash, using your smartphone or tablet. It pays to be quick though – a car can be reserved for you for up to 15 minutes before you need it. You can also reserve the car you want for up to 8 hours – at a cost of 2,50 kr per minute. 

  • Ready to leave right now? Check out our traffic-light system!
    Are you next to one of our parked cars? How can you tell if the car is ready to rent? A reader on the windscreen shows different colored lights, depending on the availability of the car.

    • Green: the car is available for rental. 
    • Yellow: the car is currently reserved.
    • Red: someone else has rented the car.

Set off in the very latest models – great driving guaranteed!

Which car do you fancy? Would you like to rent a BMW, or is a MINI more your style? DriveNow always has the right car ready to go – whatever you need it for!

All cars can be opened and locked using the app. Simply touch the open or lock button to open the car that you have rented,  get in the car, and enter your PIN in the controller in the centre console. Then, simply press on the start/stop button, sit back and enjoy the drive!

  • Taking a break

    You are able to park your car, without giving it back. Simply select "Park and keep" in the app then lock the car using the app. Wait for a couple of seconds, until the light turns red, the car is reserved until you comeback. 

    Did you know? Cars can also be left in parking mode outside the DriveNow Zone. Information about different parking regulations can be found here.

  • Filling up and charging your DriveNow car

    All fuel charges are included at DriveNow! Each vehicle comes with a fuel card or charging card depending on the car type. You will be able to refuel at any of our partner fuel stations / recharge at charging stations with the card.

    When the fuel tank or charge falls below 25% and you refuel / recharge the car, your account will be credited with 20 bonus minutes. To receive these bonus minutes, the fuel level will need to be over 90% at the end of your rental. For all BMW i3s, they will need to be returned to a charging station and plugged in.

    Good to know: The fuel / charging card is located in the central armrest of the car.

  • Using DriveNow abroad

    Enjoy driving without borders: If you choose to pay by credit card, and once you've accepted the terms and conditions for your particular country, you can enjoy the benefits of car sharing in the eleven DriveNow cities.

Payment by credit card
Only customers who have entered their credit card details as a form of payment are authorised to use DriveNow abroad.

Additional documents needed for using DriveNow in Copenhagen
You can now use DriveNow in Copenhagen. You must, however, make sure that your driving license has been validated beforehand.

  1. Open the DriveNow app and scroll to Copenhagen in the map.
  2. Follow the steps in the app and upload a photo of yourself, together with the photo from your driving license. Afterwards, accept the terms and conditions for Denmark.
  3. Your uploaded photos will be verified quickly. Once you have received confirmation by email, you can enjoy unlimited access to DriveNow in Copenhagen.

Cities where driving abroad is currently available

Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Vienna, Stockholm, London, Milan, Brussels, LisbonCopenhagen,

*Saving packages and bonus minutes are unusable and unattainable while using DriveNow abroad.

Bye for now – simply drop off your car!

When it comes to dropping off your car, you benefit from full flexibility and convenience. You can leave it for free almost anywhere within the DriveNow Zone, as long as the parking space is covered by EasyPark and valid for 24 hours. You don't need to pay for a car park ticket at DriveNow as long as you are inside of the DriveNow Zone. But keep an eye on whether there are any special parking regulations where you plan to park. Please not that Q-Park spots are excluded. You are not allowed to park in garages or parking zones with specific parking regulations, such as disabled spaces, taxi parking spaces or where there is a sign named “Beskickningsbilar”. Read more about our parking regulations for Stockholm.

DriveNow Zone

  • All DriveNow BMWs and MINIs can be dropped off anywhere in the Stockholm DriveNow Zone free of charge. The DriveNow Zone in Stockholm stretches from Solna and Sundbyberg in the north to the Globen in the south, and from Kvarnholmen in the east to Kristineberg and Norra Djurgårdsstan in the west. The DriveNow Zone also includes Arlanda Airport, as well as Kista and Silverdal, north of Stockholm.

  • Our DriveNow Zone is divided into two areas. A core area (green) and a secondary outer area (yellow). If you start your rental in the core area and end your rental the secondary area , you will be charged 25 sek. If you drive from the secondary area to the core area we will give you up to 20 bonus minutes, for bringing the care back to core zone. Look for the %-symbol in the app.

DriveNow at Arlanda Airport ✈

Virtually as quick as flying: DriveNow gets you to Arlanda Airport in no time – as well as quickly and easily home again at the end of your trip. Take advantage of our Drive'n'Fly rates!
You can find DriveNow Car sharing Stockholm at Arlanda terminal 4, P45, row 122.  A service fee of 120kr applies at Arlanda from the city centre to Arlanda you will get there for less than 300kr in normal traffic! Please note that from the 1'st of january 2018 you can no longer drop off or pick up a DriveNow at Bromma Airport.

DriveNow Car Sharing at Stockholm Airport
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