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Frequently asked questions

  • What happens to me as a DriveNow customer once Stockholm closes in October 31st?
    • Yes, you can use DriveNow in Stockholm as usual until October 31st. We will reduce the fleet size here slightly so the normal service is still available until closure.

    • You remain a registered customer at DriveNow also after October 31st. So you can still use our service in other DriveNow cities.

    • Yes, you can furthermore use the service in other DriveNow cities after the closure in Stockholm - according to the countries specific terms and conditions.

    • You can use your existing bonus minutes in Stockholm until October 31st.

    • Your savings package will automatically stop from being renewed on October 1st. We will no longer add driving minutes to your DriveNow account in October. You can use your September savings package during the month of October according to its normal duration. 

    • You can still recommend friends via the app but without earning any bonus minutes. Your friend can however register for free anyway - as registration is free of charge in Sweden from now on until October 31st.

  • Contract & Payment
    • Simply register online and start using DriveNow

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