From now on you will always be able to   pick up or leave a car in central Stockholm. Perfect for times when your running errands in the city. Regardless if it’s a business meeting, shopping with a family member, going to the movies with a friend or an after work with collages, we’re always there for you. How do I get there?
- Drive to the NK garage, also called Parkaden, on Regeringsgatan 55.
- Drive through the parking bars without taking a ticket. Their camera sensors will know that you’re driving one of our cars.
- Follow the signs and go up to level 5.
- Park the car on one of our reserved parking spaces at 5A. If they’re occupied, don’t worry! Just park your car on the nearest available parking space on the same level.
- End your rental as usual or park and keep
- Enjoy your business meeting, your shopping and pleasure in the central Stockholm! Keep in mind that the garage is only open between 06.00-00.00 on mon-fri and 06.00 - 00.00 sat-sun.