When you book an hourly package with us, fuel, insurance and parking is of course included. Please note that if you drive outside our business area you may pay for parking yourself, other than that parking is always included if you  park inside our business area. If you need to refuel just use the fuelcard found in the armrest. If you exceed the included kilometers in the package, you pay 4 kr per km. When you've purchased one of our hourly packages it's important that you choose park & keep in the carscreen before you want to go oustide your car and lock it. If you choose to end your rental the package will end even if the time hasn't expired.  You simply book one of your hourly packages directly in the app, but keep in mind that this must be done before starting your rental in the car.  For how long do you need the car? 
3 hours, 80 km included, 399 kr
6 hours, 120 km included, 599 kr
9 hours, 200 km included, 799 kr
24 hours, 200 km included, 999 kr
48 hours, 400 km included, 1299 kr

How you book an hourly package
1. Open the app and reserve the car you want
2. When the car is reserved, choose "Book a package"
3. Unlock the car as usual, start your rental inside the car and drive wherever you want
4. Make sure to choose "park & keep" inside the car when you want to park and lock your car.  Enjoy your hourly package! Greetings, 
Your DriveNow team