With the DriveNow Overnight special you can keep your BMW or MINI for free from Sunday to Thursday between 9pm to 6am. If you’re already on the road you can select park & keep in the app and park your car right outside your door. There’s no minute price between this period and the same goes if you’re outside the DriveNow Zone

This is perfect for times when you have an early morning flight, a job meeting or just want to make sure that there’s a car ready and waiting for you.

How it's done

  • Reserve a car for free in the app after 9 pm. When you press the + sign your reservation will be prolonged.
    DriveNow free overnight special
  • Once you’ve parked the car and stepped out the car, choose to “Park & keep” in the app. You won’t be charged by minute and the car is still yours.

The regular minute price for the car goes on again at 6am. Make sure to avoid cleaning streets and other restricted parking regulations. Keep in mind that if you’re outside the business area you may pay for the parking yourself. Still unsure? Check out our tips on how to park in Stockholm

Your DriveNow Team