Do you still need to do some christmas shopping? Why not give away a DriveNow voucher loaded with driving minutes?Relax and sit back on your sofa and log into you profile on our website. Choose which voucher you want to get (you can of course also by the voucher for yourself).
Choose between

  • 50 bonus minutes for 175 SEK
  • 100 bonus minutes for 350 SEK
  • 200 bonus minutes for 700 SEK

Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive an email containing the gift certificate in PDF form. Choose if you want to print it or send it directly to your friends email adress. Your friend who received the Christmas gift can redeem the code inside their profile on our website. Has your friend not joined DriveNow yet? Invite your friend to DriveNow with your personal code found in the app.
Your friend may join for 0 SEK and get 20 bonus minutes (value 390 SEK). You can get up to 60 bonus minutes! You can hardly get a better Christmas gift! Gift certificates are available for purchase until December 31st. Merry Christmas!
Your DriveNow Team