It’s been almost two years since our launch here in Stockholm. During this time, we’ve learned a lot! Did you know that a DriveNow car replaces about five private cars? Instead of cars being parked during a whole day and taking up valuable space, our cars move several times a day. Less crowding in the city and more space for us people! Now it’s time for us to improve and make some changes. Our business model is based on our cars mobility and we want them to be where people use them most. That why, starting from the 4th of October, we will introduce two different parts of our business area. One outer and one inner area. If you drive a DriveNow from the inner area to the outer area, we will add a 39 kr drop of fee when you end your rental. If you take one of our cars from the outer area to the inner area, you can get bonus minutes from us as a thank you for helping us out. Look for the % symbol in the app! Karta över verksamhetsområdet
We will also ...
- change the minute price for the cars that cost 4.50 kr to 4.80 kr per minute.
- remove the congestion tax.
- remove the fee for picking up a car at Arlanda Airport on Fridays.
- change the fee to pick up and leave a car at Arlanda Airport to 120 kr.
- change the fee to pick up and leave a car at Bromma Airport to 100 kr.
- have the same time period for all parking spaces incl. cleaning streets! The car must be allowed to be parked for at least 24 hours without getting fined.
- remove the parking lot in Ropsten, parts of Djurgårdsstaden and the small area in Danderyd.