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With DriveNow car sharing you get the perfect car exactly when you want it – while staying completely flexible! Find out everything you need to know about about our prices for driving a BMW and MINI, including the DriveNow services.

All-inclusive: peace of mind for you and your wallet

Enjoy the advantages of your DriveNow car sharing membership: you have no monthly fee for car insurance, car tax, etc., etc., you can refuel or recharge your vehicle when you need to at no extra cost and you can leave the car free of charge anywhere in our DriveNow Zone.

No running costs
Refuel and recharge at no charge
No parking tickets
icon_carsharing_pricing_insurance-and-car-tax-included (1)_0
Insurance and car tax included

Standard fees

  • Registration

    Standard registration fee

    9.98 € + 15€ monetary credit (valid for 30 days)


    MINI 3 door, MINI 5 door & MINI Convertible rental

    29 ct/min1

    BMW 1 Series & BMW i3 rental

    31 ct/min1

    Drive N'Save 

    (Subject to availability and valid only for reserved vehicles)

    24 ct/min


    Standard deductible amount (23% VAT)
    350,00 €

    Free of charge2

    Excess reduction per trip (to 0 €)

    1 €

  • Reserving

    Reservation for 15 minutes

    Free of charge

    Extended reservation
    (Max. 8 hours)
    10 ct/min


    Park & Keep
    (Stop off en route without ending the rental)

    15 ct/min

    Park and Keep the car
    (Monday - Friday, 01:00 AM - 07:00 AM)

    Free of charge

  • Special destinations

    Lisbon Airport (pick-up) 2,5 € 
    Lisbon Airport (drop-off) 0 €
    Zonas especiais - identificadas a azul turquesa na app (pick-up) Tarifa desconto Drive N'Save
    Zonas especiais - identificadas a azul turquesa na app (drop-off) 2€

Service fees

  • Fees for traffic offences

    Processing of traffic offences

    25 €

    Reparking of wrongly-parked vehicles

    80 €

    Special Cases Possible constituting criminal offences 150 €
    Towing away by tow company

    As invoiced by tow company

    Toll fees (paid through Via Verde) According to costs
    Moving an illegally parked vehicle 50 €
    Unauthorised trips abroad 250 €
    Ending rental on private ground and underground parking garages 250 €
    Removing wrong fuel at cost
    Late Fee reminder 5 €
    Manual Chargeback fee 50 €
  • Other fees

    Vehicle repair
    (In violation of DriveNow general terms and conditions)

    Cost of repair

    Special cleaning

    According to costs min 50 €

    Service call-out

    50 € / hour

    Transfer to third party of personal DriveNow ID 500 €
    Loss, theft, or destruction of vehicle equipment According to costs, min 300 €
    Loss, theft, or destruction of DriveNow charge card or Via Verde module 500 €
    End rental with windows down, roof top open, doors unlocked 50 €
    Request recovery items lost & found by our service team 50 €
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