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Olá and bem vindo to DriveNow car sharing in Lisbon! Enjoy the freedom of being flexible - Just find it, drive it and drop it! DriveNow makes driving  around Lisbon a whole lot easier. There are 211 BMW and MINI models located all around the city just waiting to be driven. Join our car sharing community and get access to all of them in our app. What are you waiting for?
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Join car sharing in Lisbon and start driving in no time! We have the latest BMW & MINI models available 24/7 in Lisbon. All of the cars are ready for spontaneous rentals, no need to prebook your ride. Just open the DriveNow app and reserve the car nearest you. The cars are scattered throughout Lisbon so there is always a car sharing vehicle nearby. Just find a car, hop in, enter your PIN number and start driving! At the end of your rental you will be able to park the car in the back within the Lisbon DriveNow Zone. So if you live in Lisbon this is a great way to get the flexibility of owning your own car without the hassle. Join DriveNow in Lisbon and see how easy it is to rent a car when you need to.

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DriveNow offers a wide selection of car sharing vehicles in Lisbon with compact cars, premium sedans, and even electric vehicles. You get the flexibility to rent the right car for the right occasion. Once you start your rental the cars is yours, drive where you want when you want, just return the car back inside the DriveNow Zone Lisbon. DriveNow has 211 of the latest BMW and MINI models available in Lisbon. Find any of the DriveNow cars in the city and start your rental with just a click on the app. Join DriveNow car sharing community and get access to all of the cars in Lisbon. See all of the cars DriveNow has to offer below.

Hi, I'm Miguel...
A BMW i3.

  • 100% emission-free
  • Silent driving
  • Simple loading

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BMW i3
BMW 1 Series
MINI Clubman
MINI 3-door
MINI 5-door

Everything’s included in the price 29 ct/min*

DriveNow makes car sharing easy with per minute pricing in Lisbon. Start driving for a low price of 29 per minute* Don’t worry everything is included! No more paying for parking, gas or insurance, just pay the minute rate and you are covered.  There are no monthly or annually fees just pay for the amount you drive and that's it. Join the car sharing community and start paying less for a car in Lisbon.

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All prices are inclusive of VAT.

1 Each rental includes 200 km free, extra km are 30 ct/km.

2 Limitation of liability that is equivalent to comprehensive car coverage (insurance cover).

3 Booked hourly are only valid during one rental. Remaining minutes on a package expire at the end of that rental. If Kilometers during a hourly or experience package exceed the included amount, every additional kilometer will cost an additional 30ct/km plus the standard minute rate based on model (see price list)

4. Prepaid Packages are packages where you will be able to pay in advance for rental minutes at a discounted rate. Purchased prepaid packages are have unlimited validity. Prepaid packages are only available for purchase and usage in your DriveNow country. (See FAQ page for more info)