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DriveNow carsharing
Refuel easily and free of charge with DriveNow


You usually don't have to worry about refuelling with DriveNow. Normally, you simply jump into your BMW or MINI, enter your PIN and set off.

However, if your tank does happen to be less than 25% full at the beginning of your trip, or falls below this level during your journey,  you get to benefit! In this case, every customer who refuels in one of our partner petrol stations and drops off the car with more than 90% in the tank will be credited with 8 € of driving credit (with 3 months validity).

All available Total petrol stations will be displayed on the display in your car when you select "Special points of interest" from the menu. You can also locate the petrol stations using the app.

Select "Refuel" and take note of the fuel card PIN, which you'll need when you pay. In both the BMWs and MINIs, the fuel card is kept in the central armrest.

Enter the PIN code when you pay and give the attendant any number when they ask you for the mileage. You can then unlock your car with the DriveNow app or customer card and set off again with a full tank, peace of mind and the gratifying feeling of having bonus minutes!

*Did you forget the credit card PIN Number for refueling? No problem, you will be able to see the PIN number in the app as well!