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DriveNow carsharing

Drive for hours, drive for days!

Longer trips with DriveNow BMW and MINI cars

Whether you’re looking forward to a weekend getaway or just need a car for an afternoon of shopping, DriveNow has got a Package that fits your needs. Rent a BMW or MINI from few hours to up to 7 days: the comfort of a traditional car rental combined with car sharing flexibility. An all-inclusive rental at an amazing price! As usual, fuel and insurance are included. Buy the package on the App after reserving your car and you’re ready to go! Keep reading and discover all the options!



Flex rate: Drive for days

Save on the hourly rate! Flex packages come with a fixed number of days and let you pay a super low fee by-the-kilometer. Best for road trips out of town or when you need to keep a car handy for up to 7 days! Fuel and insurance are all included.


1 to 7 days



FROM 28,57 €* / DAY + 0,19 € / KM

Pay for how far you drive

✔ 1 to 7 days

✔ Package price + per km

✔ Best for loooong drives


In app


* Price based on the flex rate of 7 days for the MINI in Milan.

How to book an hourly package

It is simple to book a DriveNow hourly or daily package.  Just reserve a car with the DriveNow app, then select 'Hourly Packages'. You'll be able to see all the hourly and daily packages available, with the time and kilometer allowance included. Simply click on the package you want, then unlock the car with the app and enjoy your trip!

Park and Keep

During your daily package you may need to park the car without ending the rental. To do this, park the car and select 'Park & Keep' on the in-car screen or app. Then get out of the car and select 'Lock Car' in the app. The car will then be parked and locked, with your hourly package still ongoing. Once you return from your break, select 'Unlock Car' in the app and start driving again. 

DriveNow makes it easy to rent a car for a minute or a few days, start driving today with DriveNow!


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