DriveNow carsharing

How does car sharing work with DriveNow?

DriveNow's smart car sharing concept combines great fun on the road with fantastic flexibility Rent a car, whenever you need one! Choose your favourite from seven of the latest models and jump in and out, wherever you want! You can read how simple it is to use DriveNow here!

All you have to do is register: that's how quickly you can be on-board with DriveNow

Flexible driving fun with the BMW or MINI of your choice – how to join us:

Just register online
Register online using our registration form. There is a one-off registration fee of €29.

Activate your customer account
Now all you have to do is upload a picture to the DriveNow app to identify yourself. As soon as we have verified your uploaded documents, we will activate your customer account, and notify you by email. Now just download the DriveNow app – and you're good to go.

Good to know: As a back-up solution in addition to the app, we will send you the DriveNow customer card to lock and unlock our cars through the ordinary mail. 

Sounds good? Then register online now. Download the app here!

DriveNow App

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The DriveNow app is your key to all our cars

Access to more than 500 BMW & MINI in Milan. Use the DriveNow App from the start to the target.

Set off in the very latest models – great driving guaranteed!

Which car do you fancy? Would you like to rent a BMW, or is a MINI more your style? DriveNow always has the right car ready to go – whatever you need it for! 

All cars can be opened and locked using the app. Simply touch the open or lock button to open the car that you have rented. Alternatively, you can hold your customer card up to the reader in the windscreen, 

Get in the car, and enter your PIN in the controller in the centre console. Then, simply press on the start/stop button, sit back and enjoy the drive! 

Advice for last-minute rentals (without reservation):
Once you've opened the car with your customer card and entered your PIN, the on-board computer will take you through the rental process step-by-step.

  • Taking a break

    You are able to park up your car, without giving it back. Simply choose "Park & Keep" on the display or in the app and lock the car using the app or your DriveNow customer card. Wait for a couple of seconds, until the light turns red. The car is reserved for you now for 20 cents per minute. The parking rate does not apply between midnight and 6 a.m. on weekdays.

    Did you know? Cars can also be left in parking mode outside the DriveNow Zone. Information about different parking regulations can be found here.

  • Filling up and charging your DriveNow car

    All fuel charges are included at DriveNow! Each vehicle comes with a fuel card or charging card depending on the car type. You will be able to refuel at any of our partner fuel stations / recharge at charging stations with the card.

    When the fuel tank or charge falls below 25% and you refuel / recharge the car, your account will be credited with 20 bonus minutes. To receive these bonus minutes, the fuel level will need to be over 90% at the end of your rental. For all BMW i3s, they will need to be returned to a charging station and plugged in.

    Good to know: The fuel / charging card is located in the central armrest of the car.

  • Using DriveNow abroad

    Enjoy driving without borders: If you choose to pay by credit card, and once you've accepted the terms and conditions for your particular country, you can enjoy the benefits of car sharing in the eleven DriveNow cities.

Payment by credit card
Only customers who have entered their credit card details as a form of payment are authorised to use DriveNow abroad.  For driving in Helsinki only Visa and Mastercard are accepted as a payment method.

Additional documents needed for using DriveNow in Copenhagen
You can now use DriveNow in Copenhagen. You must, however, make sure that your driving license has been validated beforehand.

  1. Open the DriveNow app and scroll to Copenhagen in the map.
  2. Follow the steps in the app and upload a photo of yourself, together with the photo from your driving license. Afterwards, accept the terms and conditions for Denmark.
  3. Your uploaded photos will be verified quickly. Once you have received confirmation by email, you can enjoy unlimited access to DriveNow in Copenhagen.

Cities where you can drive abroad

Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Vienna, Helsinki, London, Milan, Brussels, LisbonCopenhagen,

*Saving packages and bonus minutes are unusable and unattainable while using DriveNow abroad.

Bye for now – simply drop off your car!

When it comes to dropping off your car, you benefit from full flexibility and convenience. You can leave it for free in virtually every public car park within the DriveNow Zone; You don't need to pay for a car park ticket at DriveNow. If special parking rules do apply, these can be found here.

Lock the car using the app or your DriveNow customer card and wait a second or two until the light turns green. That's all folks!

DriveNow Zone and parking regulations

The DriveNow Zone in Milan stretches for a big area of the city.  The usage of the cars is depending on the area of the city.

Blue area - Area where cars can be found and parked.
Turquoise area – Additional fees can be charged for renting and parking.
Red area – Not allowed to end rental.


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