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With DriveNow car sharing you get the perfect car exactly when you want it – while staying completely flexible! Find out everything you need to know about about our prices for driving a BMW and MINI, including the DriveNow services.


Green Check Mark Start driving from HUF 99/min

Green Check Mark Insurance, fuel and parking all included

Green Check Mark No monthly costs, just pay for when you use it

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I'm a BMW i3
Drive me for HUF 129 /min.

  • 100% emission-free
  • Range assistant and parking assistant

Rent a BMW i3

MINI 3-door
MINI 5-door
BMW 2 Series Active Tourer
BMW i3
BMW 1 Series
MINI Convertible
MINI 3-door

Standard fees

  • Rental 

    Rental Price Per Minute
    Depending on model and time of day

    Between HUF 99- 129/Min1

    Collision Damage Waiver
    Reduces excess from HUF 250 000 to HUF 50 000 per/rental1

     HUF 300 per/rental1


    Standard registration fee

    HUF 9 990 + 2 490 DriveNow credit (valid for 30 days)


    Park & Keep (parking without ending the rental)

    Park & Keep happy hours (Mon to Fri, Midnight to 6 AM)

    BUD Airport parking


    Free of charge

    Free of charge

  • Rental Price Per Minute

    MINI 3 door rental

    HUF 99/min1

    MINI 5 door, BMW 1 series rental

    HUF 109/min1

    BMW i3, BMW Active Tourer, BMW X1, BMW X2, Mini Convertible (during summer season) rental

    HUF 129/min1

    Reserving a vehicle 

    Reservation for 15 minutes

    Free of charge

    Extended reservation
    Max. 8 hours

    HUF 33/min


    Deposit for each rental HUF 2700 - HUF 3 300
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Service Fees for traffic offences & GTC violations

  • Fees for traffic offences & GTC violations

    Processing of traffic offences  (i.e. speeding)

    HUF 3 000

    Processing of towing  HUF 5 000

    Car being towed

    Invoice from towing company

    Special cases – criminal offences

    HUF 50 000

    Transfer usage of the DriveNow customer profile HUF 50 000
    Unauthorised trips across country borders

    HUF 50 000

    Ending rental on private ground and underground parking garages
    HUF 20 000 + parking ticket fee
  • Other fees

    Loss of or damage of any card in the car (i.e. fuel card) HUF 15 000
    Refuelling at a non-partner gas station HUF 3 000  
    Special cleaning
    (e.g. due to heavy soiling or smoking in vehicle)
    According to costs, min. HUF 10 000
    Handling of accidents and damages According to costs, min. HUF 5 000
    Loss of or damage of any card in the car (i.e. fuel card) HUF 15 000
    Service at location per hour HUF 5 000
    Late reminder fees First reminder
    HUF 900
    Second reminder 
    HUF 2 500

    Lost and found fees

    Lost property costs  

    HUF 3 500 for 2 hours (blocking the car)

    Retreiving lost property by DriveNow Team HUF 6 000