DriveNow carsharing

Car radar explained

Are you looking for a specific DriveNow model but there isn’t one nearby? Or are you finishing up dessert and need a car in half an hour? Be even more flexible and turn on the car radar in the app. The app will continuously search until a car becomes available nearby. Sit back, relax and we’ll let you know when a ride has arrived.

This is how it works:

  • Tap the menu in the top right corner and then select the third icon that drops down for car radar.
  • Expand or decrease your radar by dragging on the arrows at the bottom of the circle.
  • If you want to search in a different area, drag the map or select the address to update.
  • You’ll be able to set up a car radar now or up to 7 days in the future, so you can plan your trip accordingly. If you want to change the time you need a car, select the clock icon and update.
  • Tap the ‘Start car radar’ button to confirm.

If you only want a notification for specific car models, use the car filter so you can be notified when your preferred car is in the area. The car radar will be updated if you change the car filter.

Once a car becomes available in the set area, a push notification will be sent to you with all of the car's details and you can choose to reserve it. When you reserve a car, the radar will automatically be deactivated.
If you've scheduled a specific time to receive a notification and you haven't received one at the time chosen, we recommend checking in the app to see if there is a car nearby. Remember, you can reserve a car up to 15 minutes in advance for free!

A little tip: Please make sure your smartphone push notifications are turned on.