Pre-plan your journey & get going faster

If you pre-plan your journey in the app after reserving a car, everything will automatically be programmed in the car's navigation system when you get in.

Just find and reserve a car in the app, then:

  • Enter your destination
  • Reduce your excess from £750 to £350 for only £1 with our Collision Damage Waiver
  • Book an hourly or daily package. You can choose packages ranging from 2 hours to 4 days
  • Choose if it's a private or business trip

You can check or change the information at any time before you unlock the car. 

Follow the app's directions to the car, and select Unlock Car within 150 metres to unlock the vehicle.

You'll be able to view any existing damage/s the car has, in the app. You should check this and report any new damages to our call centre.

Once you're in the car, just enter your PIN using the iDrive controller...and you're off!

Of course, you can still make a spontaneous reservation by holding your DriveNow customer card up to the reader on the windscreen, but you'll need to go through the journey planning questions on the in-car display once you're in the vehicle.

Please note: your rental starts when you enter your PIN in the car and you will only be charged from this point.