Subscribe to a DriveNow Savings Package

Frequent drivers get discounted rates!

If you use DriveNow on a regular basis, you can benefit from our Savings Packages! Get access to an even lower driving rate by subscribing to a monthly number of minutes. Savings Packages are easy to book in the app or website and there are 3 packages available - 125, 250 and 400 minutes. You'll be able to drive our premium BMW and MINI vehicles for an affordable price starting at 24p per minute. Find the right package for you and start saving with DriveNow today!

Monthly packages for regular users

[!!IMPORTANT NOTE!!] The savings packages can only be booked until 04.09.2019 and are unfortunately no longer available after that date. Already booked packages are still valid until end of usage period.

125 minutes

125 minutes for 26p/min3
Valid for 30 days

250 minutes

250 minutes for 25p/min3
Valid for 30 days

400 minutes

400 minutes for 24p/min3
Valid for 30 days

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How to buy a Savings Package in the app


DriveNow makes it easy to buy a Savings Package in the app.  Just follow these few steps and start driving at a discounted rate!

  1. Click on Menu
  2.  Select Buy Packages
  3. Select the correct Savings Package
  4. Confirm your purchase
  5. Reserve your car and start driving


Find out more about our Savings Packages here.