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DriveNow overview

DriveNow is London’s flexible car sharing service that gives members access to a fleet of over 300 BMW and MINI vehicles, with a range of models to suit every occasion. It’s simple; members find and reserve a car nearby through the DriveNow app, get in the vehicle and pay as they drive. There are no parking, fuel, insurance or road tax costs - only the pay per minute, hour or day rental fee options.

Our free floating model allows for flexible one-way journeys so members can drive from A to B without the need to return the car to where they picked it up from. Thanks to agreements we have in place with specific London boroughs, members can leave the car in pay and display and residents’ bays within the DriveNow Zone (Islington, Hackney, Haringey and southern Waltham Forest), removing the need for provision of dedicated car club bays.

Property Developers: Offer


  • We can work with property developers to develop a bespoke package offer for residents which meets the specific planning obligations and Section 106 requirements for the development. DriveNow can be as flexible as required for individual developments and can offer tailored packages to meet the needs of clients and local boroughs.

    Where parking space is limited, free car club membership provides an additional marketing tool to attract buyers for the development. The service has already proved extremely popular with Londoners, with many members giving up their private car as a direct result of DriveNow. Our premium service gives members access to a range of BMW and MINI vehicles where navigation, technology and park assist come as standard. Our low emission fleet also include the all-electric high spec BMW i3, providing residents with a greener and sustainable transport solution for London.

  • DriveNow London Property Developers

For more information and to discuss DriveNow for property developments, please contact us here. 

Use case: Clissold Quarter


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  • In 2017, DriveNow worked with Higgins Homes on their property development at Clissold Quarter, to fulfil Section 106 requirements. All new residents were provided with lifetime DriveNow membership and driving minutes to try the service. Welcome packs with DriveNow details and the offer, tailored specifically to Clissold Quarter, were provided for each apartment before move-in date.