DriveNow carsharing

Parking guidelines for the business area of London

  • Park and keep
  • End rental
  • Pay and display bays
    Residents' bays
    White lines indicating on-street parking
    (Where no other restrictions are in place (e.g. single yellow lines))

  • Park and keep
  • End rental
  • Single yellow lines
    Loading bays

  • Park and keepOutside restricted hours
  • End rental
  • Red routes
    Double yellow lines

  • Park and keep
  • End rental
  • Estate parking
    Private parking bays

  • Park and keep
  • End rental
  • Business permit only bays
    Suspended parking bays
    Disabled parking bays
    Designated car club only bays
    Doctor permit only bays

  • Park and keep
  • End rental
  • BMW i3 cars in Electric Charging Bays

  • Park and keepCar must be put on charge
  • End rentalCar must be put on charge
  • London City Airport (parking area - terminal parking) > Learn more

  • Park and keep
  • End rental

  • carsharing_london_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_Pay here at machine
    Pay and display zones
  • carsharing_london_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_Permit holders
    Residental parking zones
  • carsharing_london_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_redroute
    Red routes
  • carsharing_london_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_disabeled
    Disabled parking zones

Important: You cannot end your rental outside the business area. As a general rule: You can park in any public on-street legal parking space where there are no restrictions due to come into effect within 48 hours.
You cannot end your BMW i3 rental in an electric charging bay unless the car is put on charge. (Parked electric cars in a charging bay not put on charge will incur a Penalty Charge Notice from the local council).