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DriveNow in London

DriveNow is your flexible car club, giving you 24/7 access to BMW and MINI vehicles conveniently located across North East London. Find a car through the app and drive by the minute, hour or day with fuel, parking and insurance included. Find it, drive it and drop it with DriveNow.

Limited offer: One-off joining fee of £9.98 (usually £29)
For free: £20 free driving credit (60 minutes driving)

Discover Car Sharing in London

Going out for dinner with friends, heading to a meeting across town, or off on a spontaneous weekend adventure? Our BMW and MINI vehicles are available on demand 24/7 – there’s no need to reserve a car days in advance. Just jump in a car and drive off! At the end of your journey, simply leave the car for free in virtually any public on-street parking bay within the DriveNow Zone. 

DriveNow’s car sharing service is currently available in 

  • Islington
  • Hackney
  • Haringey
  • Southern Waltham Forest.

You can also pick up and drop off DriveNow vehicles at London City Airport and Stratford International Car Park!

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Meet the fleet

Escape the city in a MINI Convertible, take an all-electric BMW i3 for journeys into the Congestion Charge Zone, or fit all your shopping bags in a BMW 1 Series. There’s a DriveNow car club vehicle for any occasion and we aim to ensure one of our 300+ cars is never more than 5 minutes away in the DriveNow Zone London – find the nearest car in the app today!

Hi, I'm Oliver.
I'm a BMW i3.

  • No congestion charge in London
  • Emission-free
  • Electric car club made simple

Read more about the BMW i3

BMW i3
BMW 1 Series
MINI 3-door
MINI 5-door
MINI Convertible

Discover how affordable Car Sharing is

Choose to drive by the minute, or book an hourly or daily package if you need the car for longer. Everything’s included in the rental price - insurance, fuel, parking, road tax, and the rental of a premium BMW or MINI. Plus there are no annual or monthly fees – just pay when you use DriveNow.

  • Our prices starting from
  • £ 0,33 per minute
  • £ 6 Per hour 
  • £ 70 Per day 


See all Pricing and Packages

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Flexible Car Sharing with DriveNow
DriveNow car sharing gives you the flexibility and freedom of a car without the hassle of ownership. Simply register and join, download the app and off you go! Try out DriveNow today and see for yourself!

All prices are inclusive of VAT

1  Each rental includes 40 miles, additional miles 29p/mile

2 29p for each additional mile, each additional minute charged at pay per minute rate for specific model

3 When you book a Savings Package with 125, 250 or 400 minutes, you can rent any DriveNow car for the same price. All Savings Packages are valid for 30 days after activation. The Savings Package is an all-in price for 30 days. The consumption of booked Savings Package minutes within the 30-day period is completely covered. Customers will not be reimbursed for any minutes not used within the 30-day period and customers cannot transfer any unused minutes to a new Savings Package or other subsequent usage periods. Once the Savings Package minutes have been used in the 30-day period, the standard DriveNow rate applies. Only one Savings Package can be used at any one time. Savings Packages do not include parking minutes which are charged separately. If bonus minutes are available on the account, these will not be used until the Savings Package has been used up. If an Hourly or Daily Package is booked, Savings Package minutes will not be used again until the end of the Hourly Package. A Savings Package is activated by purchasing a package on the DriveNow website or through the app. The chosen Savings Package is activated after clicking ‘Buy now’ and is available for immediate use. If another Savings Package is already active, the new package will only be available after the 30-day period of the active package has expired. The Savings Package contract is limited to the 30-day usage period. The Savings Package renews automatically, unless it is cancelled before the end of the 30-day period (via the DriveNow website or app). If the package is renewed, the minutes from the renewed package can be used from the first day of the new usage period. The customer will be charged the package fee in accordance with our current rates. If a distance of 40 miles is exceeded in a single rental an additional 29p per mile will be charged from 41 miles, even if Savings Package minutes are being used. Savings Packages can only be booked and used in the home DriveNow country.

4 This is a refundable deposit. Once your rental has ended we notify your bank to refund/release the amount. It may take up to 3 days for the funds to appear in your account. For hourly packages the pre-authorised amount will be equivalent to the hourly package cost