DriveNow carsharing

How does DriveNow work?

DriveNow members have access to 300+ BMW and MINI vehicles which can be found and reserved in the app, and driven by the minute, hour or day. All cars can be parked for free in any residents' or pay and display bay within the DriveNow Zone. Plus, everything's included in the cost and you only pay when you drive, so you can enjoy the freedom of a car without the hassle of ownership!


How to sign up for DriveNow

Register online
There’s a one-off lifetime membership fee of £9.98 with no ongoing monthly or annual membership fees. To join online, you will need your driver's license and the payment card you want to use on your DriveNow account.

Activate your customer account
If you hold a British driving licence and you're a resident in the UK, you just need to wait for your customer account to be activated. You'll receive an email when this has been done and we'll send you a customer card. Then just download the DriveNow app and you're good to go.

If you don't hold a British driving licence and/or are not a UK resident, you'll need to upload a few photos in the DriveNow app after registering so we can verify your identity. This could include proof of address, payment card, selfie and driving licence - simply follow the instructions in the app. As soon as we've verified your uploaded documents, we'll activate your DriveNow account and post your customer card out to you.   
Note: If you can't supply proof of a current UK residential address, you'll need to come in to the DriveNow UK office to pick up your customer card.

Join today! Register online now. 

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DriveNow App

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Find and reserve your nearest car

  • Find the nearest car using the DriveNow app, which will display all the available vehicles you can choose from in the DriveNow Zone, with their details. Use the car filter to choose a particular model, fuel or charge level, price etc. 

    Reserve a car for free up to 15 minutes before you need it. You can extend your reservation for up to 8 hours for 19p per minute. If you want, you can pre-plan your journey. Enter your destination, book an hourly or daily package, reduce your excess and choose to use your business or personal account. 

  • A reader on the car's windscreen also shows different coloured lights, depending on the availability of the car: 

    • Green: the car is available to rent. 
    • Yellow: the car is currently reserved.
    • Red: someone else is currently renting the car.

Drive the latest BMW and MINI models

All our cars can be unlocked and locked using the DriveNow app. Simply tap the ‘Unlock’ button within 150m of your reserved car. Alternatively, you can hold your customer card up to the reader on the windscreen. 

Get in the car and enter your PIN on the in-car display using the iDrive controller in the centre console. Then simply press the start/stop button and off you go! 

If you haven't reserve the car in the app, you'll need to unlock it with your customer card and the in-car display will guide you through the log in process step-by-step after you've entered your PIN. 

  • Park the car without ending your rental

    Park and get out of the car. Choose 'Park & Keep' in the app which will automatically lock the car for you and the reader light on the windscreen will turn red. Your rental will continue but you’ll be charged a flat parking rate of 19p/min. If you decide you no longer need the car and want to finish your rental, choose 'End Rental' in the app, even if you're away from the car or it's on 'Park & Keep' mode. 

    ‘Park & Keep’ can be used inside and outside the DriveNow Zone and is free of charge between 10pm and 7am,  Sunday to Thursday. Our full parking rules can be found here.

  • What about fuel and charging?

    Fuel and charge is included at DriveNow and all our cars come with a card for filling up and charging. When the fuel level falls below 25% and you refuel the car, your DriveNow account will be credited with 20 bonus minutes. To receive these bonus minutes, the fuel level must be over 90% at the end of your rental. The same applies for charging the all-electric BMW i3.

  • Parking the car outside the DriveNow Zone

    You won't be able to end your rental outside the DriveNow Zone so will need to select 'Park & Keep' in the app to lock the car. If the parking bay requires a parking ticket, you'll need to purchase one as you would with your own vehicle.

  • Using DriveNow abroad

    You can use our BMW and MINI cars in 10 other European cities DriveNow is in when you travel abroad! Just accept the terms and conditions in the app when you enter the specific country and off you go!


Payment by credit card
Only customers who pay by credit card are authorised to use DriveNow abroad.  For driving in Helsinki only Visa and Mastercard are accepted as a payment method.

Additional documents needed for using DriveNow in Copenhagen
Before you can drive in Copenhagen, we need to validate your driving licence.

  1. Open the DriveNow app and scroll to Copenhagen in the map.
  2. Follow the steps in the app and upload a photo of yourself, together with the photo of your driving licence. Then accept the terms and conditions for Denmark.
  3. Your uploaded photos will be verified quickly. Once you have received confirmation by email, you can enjoy unlimited access to DriveNow in Copenhagen.


Cities where you can drive abroad

Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Helsinki, ViennaMilan, Brussels, Copenhagen, Lisbon

*You can't use your Savings Package minutes or receive bonus minutes while using DriveNow abroad.

  • Where to park

    With DriveNow you don’t need to return the car to exactly where you picked it up from. Just drop it off for free in virtually any on-street public parking bay within the DriveNow Zone, such as residents’ and pay and display bays. You don't need to pay and display a parking ticket in the DriveNow Zone - we’ve got it covered! There are some restrictions - check out our London parking guidelines.
    Tap 'End Rental' in the app which will confirm that your rental has finished, or use your DriveNow customer card on the windscreen reader and wait until the the light turns green to confirm the end of the rental.

DriveNow Zone and parking guidelines

  • The DriveNow Zone currently covers the North East London boroughs of Islington, Hackney, Haringey and southern Waltham Forest. You can still drive outside of these areas though! Just start and end your rental within the DriveNow Zone. We also have dedicated bays at London City Airport and Stratford International Car Park where you can pick up and drop off our cars.

    You can leave our cars in virtually any on-street public parking space within the DriveNow Zone free of charge, such as residents’ and pay and display bays. This does not include private car parks, estate parking and bays with specific regulations such as business permit only spaces, disabled spaces, no-parking zones or designated car club spaces.

DriveNow to London City Airport ✈

You can pick up and drop off a DriveNow car in the dedicated DriveNow bays at London City Airport, and you won't have to pay for parking! Get all your bags easily to London City Airport, or next time you land, reserve a car using the DriveNow app while waiting at baggage claim. Then jump in your reserved car and head home fresh and relaxed. The DriveNow service fee at London City Airport is £2.50.

DriveNow Car Sharing at London Airport
Parking Guidelines For London

Additional restrictions apply in certain areas within the DriveNow Zone. For instance, cars are not allowed to be dropped off at Emirates Stadium or White Hart Lane on match days. Other locations where you are not able to end your rental are highlighted in red on the map in the DriveNow app. You will be notified of these restrictions on the in-car display if you try to end your rental here.

Read more about our parking rules for London
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All prices are inclusive of VAT

1  Each rental includes 40 miles, additional miles 29p/mile

2 29p for each additional mile, each additional minute charged at pay per minute rate for specific model

3 When you book a Savings Package with 125, 250 or 400 minutes, you can rent any DriveNow car for the same price. All Savings Packages are valid for 30 days after activation. The Savings Package is an all-in price for 30 days. The consumption of booked Savings Package minutes within the 30-day period is completely covered. Customers will not be reimbursed for any minutes not used within the 30-day period and customers cannot transfer any unused minutes to a new Savings Package or other subsequent usage periods. Once the Savings Package minutes have been used in the 30-day period, the standard DriveNow rate applies. Only one Savings Package can be used at any one time. Savings Packages do not include parking minutes which are charged separately. If bonus minutes are available on the account, these will not be used until the Savings Package has been used up. If an Hourly or Daily Package is booked, Savings Package minutes will not be used again until the end of the Hourly Package. A Savings Package is activated by purchasing a package on the DriveNow website or through the app. The chosen Savings Package is activated after clicking ‘Buy now’ and is available for immediate use. If another Savings Package is already active, the new package will only be available after the 30-day period of the active package has expired. The Savings Package contract is limited to the 30-day usage period. The Savings Package renews automatically, unless it is cancelled before the end of the 30-day period (via the DriveNow website or app). If the package is renewed, the minutes from the renewed package can be used from the first day of the new usage period. The customer will be charged the package fee in accordance with our current rates. If a distance of 40 miles is exceeded in a single rental an additional 29p per mile will be charged from 41 miles, even if Savings Package minutes are being used. Savings Packages can only be booked and used in the home DriveNow country.

4 This is a refundable deposit. Once your rental has ended we notify your bank to refund/release the amount. It may take up to 3 days for the funds to appear in your account. For hourly packages the pre-authorised amount will be equivalent to the hourly package cost