DriveNow for corporate customers – get your business moving

If you currently use your own car or taxis to get from meeting to meeting, try DriveNow for Business instead for a cost-effective alternative.  Regardless of how big or small your business, DriveNow is the perfect solution.

Benefits for your business


  • No fuss - just drive!
    It's quick and easy to use DriveNow for your corporate needs. Simple to set up with no paperwork.

  • Save time and money
    Car sharing with DriveNow allows you to reduce your business costs. Separate invoices make it easy to process expenses and car sharing is more cost-effective than other travel options, such as taxis.

  • Reduce costs
    Save on fuel, parking and insurance costs as these are all included at DriveNow. There are no monthly or annual fees - only pay when you use DriveNow.

  • Be a more socially responsible organisation
    Car sharing helps reduce congestion on our roads and improve air quality. With the largest fleet of all-electric cars in London, DriveNow can help reduce your corporate CO2 emissions. By working with DriveNow and encouraging your team to choose sustainable transport options you can become a more socially responsible organisation.

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