By being a DriveNow Car Club member, you get access to over 700 BMW and MINI cars without the hassle of ownership. There’s no need to worry about parking costs, car tax, insurance or fuel because it’s all included in the price when you rent a DriveNow car. London weather turning on the showers?
Your hair's perfect and you're all dressed up, ready for a night out. It would be a perfect evening if it wasn't pouring down with rain! Reserve the nearest DriveNow car and arrive in style. The best part is, you can leave the car at your destination and don't need to go back and fetch it the next day. Need to move some large or heavier items?
Have a heavy item to pick up from a friend, need to do a big grocery shop or moving flats and want to avoid making 10 trips on public transport? What about using DriveNow to make things easier? Book an hourly package to suit your needs. Have a business meeting?
It’s not ideal when you arrive at a business meeting hot and bothered after having travelled underground for an hour. Get to your meeting stress-free in an air conditioned car, plus avoid the congestion zone charge by taking an all-electric BMW i3. Forgot to rent a car for your weekend trip?
Our 2, 3 and 4 day packages are a great option for those who want to escape the city – whether it’s planned or spontaneous. You don’t have to book the car weeks in advance, just find and reserve your nearest DriveNow car in the app, book a daily package in the app and set off for the weekend. Fuel, insurance and a generous mileage allowance are included in the price and you don’t have to deal with going into a car rental store to pick up the vehicle. “Underground strike planned this week…”
What do you do when the trains aren’t running and the bus journey is chaos but you still need to get to work? DriveNow will get you from A to B on time, without the stress. Simply locate the nearest BMW or MINI using the app. Is your own car out of action?
Is your car getting serviced in the local auto shop? If you still want to remain flexible in London, simply reserve your favourite car in the DriveNow app. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy DriveNow so much that you give up your own car!