DriveNow car club is all about flexibility. Once you’re a member, you’ve got access to over 700 BMW and MINI cars which you can choose to drive by the minute, hour or day. But what if I need the car for a whole weekend?
We’ve got daily packages to suit your needs which means you can take a car for up to 96 hours with our 2, 3 or 4 day packages. And the best part? You don’t need to trouble yourself with booking a car weeks in advance and there are no rental car stores to worry about. All you have to do is find a car through the DriveNow app on the day you’re heading away, and book the daily package through the app. Easy. How much does it cost and how far can I drive?
2 day package / 48 hours for £140 (includes 120 miles)
3 day package / 72 hours for £200 (includes 180 miles)
4 day package / 96 hours for £275 (includes 240 miles) Fuel and insurance are included in the costs. Is there anything I should remember?
Yes. During your package, you should use Park & Keep so you don't accidentally end your rental early. To do this, just get out of the car after parking, then choose 'Park & Keep' on the main screen of the app. The car will lock automatically and your daily package will continue.
Where can I go for the weekend?
We’ve pulled a few weekend trip ideas together – we hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Oxford
For a cultural weekend with the kids, head to Oxford and soak in some history. Visit the University’s famous Colleges, climb through Oxford Castle and check out the Botanic Garden on the River Cherwell. If you take a 3 day package, you’ll also have mileage to wind your way through some of the Cotswolds on the way home!
London (N7) to Oxford: 61 miles each way
DriveNow Package: 3 day package (180 miles)
For a fun weekend away with friends, head up to Cambridge in a DriveNow BMW 1 Series. You’ll definitely get a seat AND you’ll be able to fit all the bags in the boot. Go punting, have a picnic overlooking the river, and school up in the University museums.
London (N7) to Cambridge: 60 miles each way
DriveNow Package: 2 day package (120 miles)
Escape the city hustle and get down to the sea in a BMW or MINI with a 3 day package. You'll have enough time to explore Brighton & Hove, go shopping at the Lanes, have fun at Brighton Pier and also plan a chilled day at the beach. 
London (N7) to Brighton: 85 miles each way
DriveNow Package: 3 day package (200 miles) The Cotswolds
Venture through the beautiful Cotswolds countryside in a MINI Convertible with the top down. Enjoy a relaxing weekend away taking in the rolling hills and thatched medieval villages, churches and stately homes built of distinctive yellow limestone.
London (N7) to the Cotswolds: 96 miles each way
DriveNow Package: 4 day package (240 miles)
Perfect for a long weekend for our outdoor enthusiasts, Norfolk provides 90 miles of unspoilt coastline, beautiful countryside and Broads National Park. Stay in Norwich, a fantastic city of heritage, culture and shopping plus a variety of family theme parks and attractions.
London (N7) to Norwich: 114 miles each way
DriveNow Package: 4 day package (240 miles)
Step back in time in Canterbury with its ancient walls (originally built by the Romans), Cathedral and other historic buildings. Take a MINI 5 door with a 3 day package and arrive in comfort, stress-free. You’ll also have mileage to go to Margate for a relaxing beach day.
London (N7) to Canterbury: 64 miles each way
DriveNow Package: 3 day package (200 miles)
We recommend going to Bath at Christmas time to enjoy the markets and beautiful architecture covered in snow (fingers crossed!). Even without snow, you’ll still need to warm up in Therme Bath Spa after visiting Bath Abbey, the Roman baths and the Royal Crescent.
London (N7) to Bath: 124 miles each way
DriveNow Package: 4 day package (240 miles)
Please note: The BMW i3 will only offer the 2, 3, 4 and 6 hour packages. All other models in our fleet will offer the 2, 3 and 4 day packages as well as the 12 and 24 hourly packages.
If you exceed the mileage allocation of your package, you’ll be charged 29p per mile. If you exceed the time allowance, you’ll be charged the standard per minute rate of the vehicle you’re renting.