DriveNow makes it simple and affordable to rent a car for one hour. With our flexible free floating car club system, you can choose to drive a BMW or MINI by the minute, hour or day. Rent any of our DriveNow cars in London for as long as you need it. If you’re looking for a car to run some quick errands like going to the supermarket or picking up an online order, DriveNow is the perfect choice. Choose from over 700 BMW and MINI cars and enjoy flexible car ownership. Need a car with some boot space? Rent a premium BMW 1 Series to fit in all of your purchases. How to rent a car for an hour
DriveNow makes renting a car easier than ever. Just use the DriveNow app to find the nearest car to you and start your reservation. Unlock the car within 150m through the app and the car is yours for as long as you need it! You’ll be charged a per-minute rate starting at 33p per minute for driving and a discounted rate of 19p per minute when the car is parked. It’s up to you how long you need the car for whether it’s only 20 minutes, a full hour or an hour and 15 minutes – we’re flexible! Everything’s included in the price as well; a premium BMW or MINI, fuel, insurance, parking and car tax. So next time you need a car for an hour, think of DriveNow Car Club. DriveNow also offers Hourly and Daily Packages for when you need a car for longer. See all of the packages we offer below in the UK.
- 2 hour package
- 3 hour package
- 4 hour package
- 6 hour package
- 12 hour package
- 24 hour package (1 day)
- 48 hour package (2 days)
- 72 hour package (3 days)
- 96 hour package (4 days)