DriveNow has teamed up with LDNfashion, one of the UK’s most popular online fashion magazines, to bring you a series of neighbourhood guides to areas within the DriveNow London business area. Next up is Walthamstow, or ‘Awesomestow’ as it’s affectionately known to locals. If your only experience of Walthamstow is 90's boyband East 17, then it’s time you jumped in a DriveNow and explored the real side to this area. Lloyd Park
Start your day with a morning walk in the popular Lloyd Park. Whether you’re feeling energetic enough for the sports pitches or skate park, or simply want to take things more leisurely and head up to the beautiful William Morris gardens, it’s always nice to find a little green haven in the middle of the city.
Lloyd Park, Walthamstow, London, E17 5JW