Here at DriveNow, we know that living in London is great. There are so many options for every activity: a cosmopolitan of restaurants, history, markets, nightlife, parks and events. But sometimes you may just want to escape the chaos of the city and get away for a break or a different view. DriveNow is great for quick and convenient car hire and you now you rent a DriveNow for the whole weekend or take a well-deserved break during the week with our daily packages: 2 day package / 48 hours for £140 (includes 120 miles)
3 day package / 72 hours for £200 (includes 180 miles)
4 day package / 96 hours for £275 (includes 240 miles)
Grab some mates and drive to Oxford or Cambridge in a DriveNow to soak in some history and a night out, take your family to Brighton and dip your toes in the sea or venture to Canterbury for a long weekend of shopping and sight-seeing. You can book one of our daily packages through the DriveNow app. Simply reserve a car using the app, and then choose which daily package you want.