Need a car for 24 hours to take a day trip outside of London or for all your Sunday activities across the city? Our 1 day package means you have access to a BMW or MINI for 24 hours, fuel and insurance included! The best part? No need to travel to a store or for rental counters as all of the car rentals can be completed over the DriveNow app. Just open the app, find and reserve the closest car to you and book a 24 hour package. You can then unlock the car within 150 metres and enter your PIN in the app to start the rental. There are no hidden costs with DriveNow Car Club. A 24 hour rental is £80 Monday-Thursday, and £100 Friday-Sunday. Included in the price is 60 miles of driving, insurance, petrol and a premium car for one day. And when you’re finished with the car after returning to the city, you don’t have to drop the car back at a depot or designated car club bay – just end your rental by parking the car in any residents' or pay and display bay within the DriveNow Zone. If you live inside the zone, you can return the car back right in front of your door! DriveNow 24 hour package in Europe Using a car club for all your car rental definitely has its advantages, being more affordable and convenient than your standard car rental agency. Not only can you rent a car for longer in London, DriveNow also offers thousands of cars to rent for 1 day in Europe including Vienna, Berlin and Milan. DriveNow also services several airports in Europe as well as London City Airport, making it easy to start a day trip from the airport. DriveNow also offers other car rental hourly packages so you can book the right package for the right occasion:
- 2 hour car rental package
- 3 hour car rental package
- 4 hour car rental package
- 6 hour car rental package
- 12 hour car rental package
- 48 hour car rental package (2 days)
- 72 hour car rental package ( 3 days)
- 96 hour car rental package (4 days)