With the DriveNow Overnight Special you can park your BMW or MINI in the evening, keep it on Park & Keep for free and leave straight away in the morning. But we know not everyone is a night owl or early bird, so to give you a little more time in bed, we’ve extended our Overnight Special operating hours. You can now use Park & Keep mode for free between 10pm and 7am, Sunday to Thursday – even outside the DriveNow Zone. For example, if you work inside the DriveNow Zone but live outside it, you now have another option for getting home after working late in the office.  Simply take a DriveNow home, arrive after 10pm and put it on Park and Keep mode. The car is still reserved for you but you won’t be charged anything until after 7am the following morning. Then just jump back in the car and drive to work, dropping it back off within the business area. Our Overnight Special is also perfect if you’ve got a very early start and want to make a sure a car is waiting for you – maybe you need to get to London City Airport to catch an early flight for example? The Overnight Special offer is valid each night from Sunday to Thursday – that means the first period each week starts on Sunday evening at 10pm with the last Overnight Special of the week starting at 10pm on Thursday, finishing Friday morning at 7am. During our Overnight Special you will not be charged any fees for using park mode. For more information on our parking guidelines here.