If you use DriveNow on a regular basis, then our great value Savings Packages are what you need. There are three packages available – 125, 250 and 400 minutes. Each package lasts for 30 days and renews automatically for a further 30 days unless cancelled. Get access to an even lower rate by committing to a monthly number of minutes. £32 flat rate – 125 minutes for 26p/min. Valid for 30 days
£62 flat rate – 250 minutes for 25p/min. Valid for 30 days
£96 flat rate – 400 minutes for 24p/min. Valid for 30 days How do I buy savings packages?
You can buy a savings package in the app or on our website. It couldn’t be easier!  How long are savings packages valid for?
Savings packages are valid for 30 days and renew automatically after 30 days unless cancelled. What if I use up my minutes before the end of the 30 day period?
If you use up all your minutes before the end of the 30 day period, any future trips would be charged at our standard rate. You can only have one savings package at a time (every 30 days) so you would need to wait until the start of the next 30 day period when your savings package is renewed. Can I carry over any unused minutes to the next month?
Unfortunately this isn’t possible. Any unused minutes remaining will be lost at the end of your 30 day period, so it’s important to choose the package that’s right for your level of use. What happens if I put the car in Park & Keep mode when using my savings package?
Parking minutes are not included in the savings package, so you would be charged the normal Park & Keep rate of 19p/min. Is there anything else I need to know?
No. The only thing now is deciding which package to choose!