The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be expanded to the North and South Circular on 26th October 2021, as Mayor Sadiq Khan takes further steps to tackle London’s air quality problems.

The Zone already covers the existing Congestion Charge Zone (CCZ) and charges drivers of older cars and vans £12.50 per day if they enter the ULEZ. This will be in force 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The zone will extend to the North and South Circular on 25th October 2021.


Vehicles that will need to pay the charge are Petrol Vehicles EURO Standard 1-3 and Diesel Vehicles EURO Standard 1-5.


Find out more about the Ultra Low Emission Zone.


Make the most of our ULEZ offer!

Do you have a car that won’t meet the ULEZ standards and do you live within the North and South Circular? If so, you are potentially eligible for the Mayor’s ULEZ Car and Motorcycle Scrappage scheme.


For anyone who is eligible for the scheme and living in the DriveNow Zone, we are offering £100 bonus credit when you spend £100 of your scrappage payment with DriveNow! (see terms & conditions below) You’ll also be able to join our service for free, with no monthly or annual fees ever! 


Get your friends on board!

Do you have a friend, colleague or family who own a car that doesn’t meet the ULEZ standards? Share your DriveNow friend referral code through the app and you’ll get £10 for every friend who joins DriveNow using your code. They’ll be able to join for free with £10 credit – no monthly or annual fees either!


Contact to discuss your eligibility and for more info.



1.    Offer exclusive to eligible claimants of the “ULEZ Car and Motorcycle Scrappage Scheme”.

2.    Offer applies to a new Eligible DriveNow Members that are resident in the DriveNow Zone only.

3.    A £100 monetary credit voucher (“Monetary Credit Voucher”) will be applied to the member’s account after the member has completed below:
a. the member has provided proof of eligibility for the “ULEZ Car and Motorcycle Scrappage Scheme”. 
b. the member has provided a “DVLA Certificate of destruction” for their non-compliant vehicle.
c. the member has provided a confirmation from the “ULEZ Car and Motorcycle Scrappage Scheme” that their eligibility has been accepted.
d. £100 has been spent on rental fees on the member’s account.

4.    Monetary Credit is deducted from rental fees only and additional fees may apply on members rentals. Monetary Credit cannot be used for payment of Penalty Charge Notices.

5.    Monetary Credit will remain valid for 12 months from the date on which the Monetary Credit is added to the member’s account.

6.    The maximum Monetary Credit which can be applied to a single Member’s account is £100 total (equal to one vehicle per Customer).

For more information and details of eligibility for the scheme visit the TfL website.