Please be aware that around the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium, there will be parking restrictions for DriveNow cars before a match day. 48 hours before a game and around 1 hour after, DriveNow cars are not allowed to be parked on certain roads around the stadium (even by residents). Unfortunately, there will not be any parking signs to indicate this or let you know when a match day is coming up. Main points to know:

  • We will block parking in this area (within green lines in image below) 48 hours before match days so you won’t be able to end your rental or park there.
  • The in-car screen will show a red-routed area (red shading) on the map from this time.
  • If you try to park or end your rental in this area, both the in-car message and app will say you can’t park there. Check the in-car screen to see which street nearby is not included in the red-route area.

The image below shows the area where you will not be able to park. Please take note of the area in green (red area is Enfield and not in the DriveNow Zone).

Tottenham Hotspur stadium parking restrictions

Driving near Tottenham Hotspur stadium on match days:
Some roads closest to the stadium may also be closed before, during and after the match to make it safe for fans, local residents and businesses, and for emergency access to the area. This means you won’t be able to drive along these roads in a DriveNow during these times. Road closure times depend on the zone and the event start time. You can find all information at