Hackney and Islington have implemented new ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) streets for the first time in the UK. The ULEV streets will be restricted at certain times: 7-10am and 4-7pm, Monday to Friday. This aims to lower air and noise pollution, and make it easier to walk and cycle. At DriveNow we think this is a great measure to encourage better and more sustainable use of cars in London. When using a DriveNow vehicle you will need to follow the ULEV street regulations. If you drive a DriveNow vehicle through one of the restricted streets during a restricted time, you will receive a PCN. Our zero-emission BMW i3 is exempt from the restrictions though and you are allowed to drive this model through the restricted area at any time. The ULEV streets will be restricted between 7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday, and include: Zone 1

  • Blackall Street
  • Cowper St
  • Paul St (north of junction with Leonard Street)
  • Ravey Street
  • Singer Street
  • Tabernacle St (north of junction with Leonard Street)
  • Willow Street

Zone 2:

  • Charlotte Road
  • Rivington Street (from junction with Curtain Road to junction with Great Eastern Street)

This sign will be at the entrances of the ULEV streets, so you know where and when you can’t drive. ULEV parking sign Some of the ULEV streets are also in the Congestion Charge Zone. In central areas, including the CCZ, we usually have a higher number of BMW i3 vehicles available. This model is exempt from the charge when you drive in and out of the zone, so we recommend selecting a BMW i3 for journeys in this area. Hackney School Streets
As well as ULEV streets, Hackney Council are piloting school streets across the borough. At certain primary schools, streets will be restricted to all traffic at certain times (8.30am to 9.15am and 3.15am to 4pm). You are not allowed to drive any vehicle model through these streets during the restricted times, including the BMW i3. Find out more about the school streets scheme