Updated 14 February 2019 > Now 5 DriveNow parking bays on Ground Level (parking bays are no longer on Level 3). We’ve made it easier to enjoy a shopping trip in Westfield Stratford City or get to and from Stratford International station. There are now 5 DriveNow parking bays in the Stratford International Car Park on the Ground level, so you can drop off or pick up a vehicle – without having to pay for parking! Open 24/7, the car park is a 2 minute walk from Westfield so you can get all your shopping home easily in a DriveNow.

It’s also a handy travel option for local residents. Take a DriveNow BMW or MINI from the car park and off you go – choose an hourly or daily package if you need the car for longer. Or pick up a car in the DriveNow Zone and end your rental right across the road from your apartment. The address is International Way, London E20 1YY. You’ll be able to find the parking building location in the app after reserving a car or on the in-car screen under ‘Special Points of Interest’. The parking bays are not in the Stratford Westfield car parks labelled A, B and C.
DriveNow parking in Stratford International Car Park  

Where to pick up and drop off at Stratford International Car Park

Drop off:

1. GPS in car will direct you to car park

2. Drive through the entrance – no ticket required

3. Turn right immediately after entering the car park on Ground Level

4. Park in one of five DriveNow parking bays 

5. Park car and end booking Pick up

1. Reserve a car using the DriveNow app – free for the first 15 minutes

2. Follow the signs to the Ground Floor in the car park on International Way

3. Find car in designated DriveNow parking bays at the car park entrance on the Ground Floor

4. Start booking, and follow exit signs

5. Drive through the exit – no ticket required

6. End rental in DriveNow Zone


To get to Westfield or the station, exit the car park via the lift or stairs, turn left and walk towards the station. Signs will direct you to the mall.


To get to the car park from Westfield, either exit from the Ground floor near Waitrose or the 1st floor beside Cos. Walk down the pathway towards the road, turn right and the car park is there. Go through the doors to the Ground Floor parking area and walk to the far side where cars enter the car park, the DriveNow bays will be on the left hand side of the entry.


If the 5 DriveNow parking bays are all taken, just park as close as you can to the designated bays and end your rental. Don’t worry though – you won’t be charged for parking. If you need help, contact our customer service team.