The first stage of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is about to be implemented as Mayor Sadiq Khan takes further steps to tackle London’s air quality problems. From Monday 8th April 2019, the Zone will cover the existing Congestion Charge Zone (CCZ) and charge drivers of older cars and vans £12.50 per day if they enter the ULEZ. This will be in force 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There will be two different Ultra Low Emission Zones implemented at different times: ULEZ Stage 1: Within the current Congestion Charge Zone area. Begins on 8th April 2019.
ULEZ Stage 2: Within the North and South Circular roads. Begins 25th October 2021. Vehicles that will need to pay the charge are Petrol Vehicles EURO Standard 1-3 and Diesel Vehicles EURO Standard 1-5. Is there a charge for DriveNow members? No. All of our vehicles meet the minimum emissions standards and are therefore exempt, so don’t need to pay the charge. Nothing will change for your DriveNow journeys into the CCZ and ULEZ after 8th April. Find out more about the Ultra Low Emission Zone. Get your friends on board! Do you have a friend, colleague or family who own a car that doesn’t meet the ULEZ standards? Share your DriveNow friend referral code through the app and you’ll get £10 for every friend who joins DriveNow using your code. They’ll be able to join for free with £10 credit – no monthly or annual fees either! How can DriveNow help your business after ULEZ? Businesses with older, higher polluting vehicles will now have to consider the alternatives. While there are many incentives aimed at encouraging small businesses to switch to lower polluting vehicles, like electric vehicle (EV) grants from central government, there is a better choice than a like-for-like replacement for your business trips. Flexible car sharing can provide an alternative option to a privately owned vehicle alongside other modes of transport. For businesses looking to streamline their employee use of flexible car sharing, a corporate DriveNow account with a company credit card can be created to add employees to. Employees then select ‘Business Trip’ in the app, and invoicing will go to the administrator of the corporate account with payment being deducted from the central credit card. You can also purchase driving credit upfront and DriveNow will provide weekly reports on employee usage. Contact or visit the DriveNow website for more info.