Updated 2 May 2019 Something we’re always asked for by our members is to add more electric cars to our fleet. So we’re excited that we now have 130 BMW i3 vehicles in our electric fleet! And as an added bonus, this is the BMW i3 120Ah model which has double the range of the previous version, and means more time for driving emission free! We still recommend that you check the battery level of the car in the app before reserving, depending on how long your journey will be. You can drive the BMW i3 by the minute (39p/min) or take a 2, 3, 4 or 6 hour package if you need the car for longer. DriveNow is committed to improving the city’s air quality and continues to drive change with the addition of even more electric vehicles, aiming to have an 80% all electric fleet by 2025. “The introduction of the new BMW i3’s is such a positive step forward for DriveNow and the e-mobility industry. It makes sense for us to expand our electric fleet and continue to offer customers a sustainable alternative to privately-owned transport. We have an important role to play in London, helping to normalise EV use and contribute further to improvements in air quality.” James Taylor, DriveNow UK Managing Director. Supporting the Mayor of London’s vision for cleaner air, we’re committed to reducing the number of privately-owned vehicles on the road and to be part of the solution to help reduce the damaging effects of air pollution. Working with local authorities to lower emissions and embed shared e-mobility in the automotive landscape, we’ll continue to champion the change needed to make London more liveable.