We’re celebrating summer by revamping our hourly packages and introducing a brand new daily package! At DriveNow we’re committed to delivering a premium service, offering you choice, flexibility and on-demand access. We’ll continue to adapt our service based on your needs, which is why we’ve introduced a number of changes to our packages. From today, if you need a DriveNow BMW or MINI for longer, you’ll be able to book a 2 or 4 hour package and we’ve also boosted our 9 hour package to 12 hours! Hours                       Mon-Thurs                     Fri-Sun                    Mileage
2                                     £20                                  £25                        20 miles
3                                     £25                                   £30                       60 miles
4                                     £35                                   £40                       60 miles
6                                     £50                                   £60                       60 miles
12                                  £65                                   £80                        60 miles
24                                  £80                                   £100                     60 miles Hourly packages are great for when you need the car for longer trips – just remember that when you’re parking temporarily, to put the car on ‘Park & Keep’ through the in-car screen using the iDrive console. Otherwise, the rental could end early!