Your DriveNow PIN
When you join DriveNow, you’re required to create a 4-digit PIN. To start each rental, you’ll need to enter your PIN in the app after unlocking the car. This is to confirm that it’s really you in the drivers’ seat and prevents others from using your DriveNow account.
If you’ve forgotten your PIN, don’t worry! All you need to do is contact our customer service team. You’ll be asked a few questions and if we’re able to confirm your identity over the phone, we’ll send you your PIN by text.
Customer area Updating your payment details
Log into your Customer area on the DriveNow website. Go to Customer Data where you’ll find your security information, contact data and payment details. Simply update your details under Payment profile and click Save. Updating your Contact data
You can also update your contact information including address and mobile number in your customer area on the DriveNow website under Customer Data. Viewing your recent trips
You can view all your recent trips in the app by tapping the person icon and then Your trips. You can also find a summary of your DriveNow journeys in your customer area on the DriveNow website under Last trips. Viewing your Savings Packages minutes and buying a new package
In your customer area on the DriveNow website, you can view your current Savings Package minutes under My DriveNow. If you want to purchase a Savings Package, go to Buy Packages and choose the one that suits you. Savings Packages are valid for 30 days and there are 3 options to choose from. You can also purchase, edit or cancel a Savings Package from the main app menu.
Buy a DriveNow Savings Package